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Back to art

I'm happy to say I'm finally able to get back to doing some artwork (at least for this week). I've gotten a decent amount of housework done though it's come to a point now to where what's left to be done probably won't get done anytime soon due to my dad putting things off over and over again and I'm expected to sit around the house all day and stay put doing next to nothing. So I'm back at Professor Awesome's house for this week to hopefully get in some new artwork done and maybe even a new DD page if I'm not too rusty with comic work. I still have a finalized script done for the next two pages so at least I don't have to spend any time on story conversion.

Against my wishes, my mom went and spent $60 on getting chickens. I don't know how she's going to take care of them because I'm not wasting another year of my life on chickens that were supposed to be a family responsibility that only ends up as my job and a way for my mom to discourage me from leaving the house. It's only Day 1 as of this journal but I'm expecting a phone call sometime this week from someone back home complaining about the chickens and that I should spend my precious gasoline to run over and feed them because they supposedly don't know how to stick their hand in a feed bag and put food out (it's a task that a 5 year old can do really) like last year. While I do find chickens cute in their own quirky way, I got better things to do. One of the chickens I've named Derpy due to the way she's been running around with her head constantly cocked to the side for the past week. Its become more properly aligned though now but it was funny in a way. Normally "defective" chicks are often eaten alive by the others but Derpy seemed to be more of a ringleader to them.

I managed to get some more mousetraps last week to help combat the mice problem at my house. It was good for a while working with six mouse traps instead of one but now I'm back down to two of them. I don't know where the other four went but I suspect my mom probably threw them out because they were getting a little messy (though cleaning them up would have been much easier). As you can imagine, I'm not very happy about this since it won't take long for the mouse infestation population at my house to recoup their losses and with less traps to deal with just means more mice.

Like usual, me and Professor Awesome have been working on the story of Demordicai Diamonds despite my artistic absence. Professor Awesome is working on his newest iteration of the magic system and it's still sticking together. I'm getting more confidant that this may be the final iteration of it. We've been recently discussing religion in the world of Demordicai Diamonds and realized just how complex and difficult of an aspect of world-building it can be. It's something we've not quite put off but have struggled with years ago so we took a more minimalist approach at first while diverting our attention to other aspects. Over the course of the past month, we've finally finished the preliminary planning for the story-arc we were working on and now moving into a new one, one that neither of us are sure just what's going to happen at the moment. If only comic work were as easy and fun as story work (though converting a story into a comic format can be difficult, especially at the beginning).              

I don't really have a lot else to mention for this journal but expect some new art from me this week. It's good to be back and hopefully it will stay that way for a good, long while. I apologize for my lack of activity for the past month and a half but that will be changing very soon!
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