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Top 5 Best Torrent Sites (2019 Edition)

Year Established: 2003
Number of Torrents: 4 Million
Tor Support: Yes
Best suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software
The Pirate Bay has a long and most ugly history with the law enforcement agencies. The website was down for a couple of months after the crackdown by the LEAs to their office/facility and the owners were also caught.

The site came back with quite a similar interface and exact name. ThePirateBay still is the best site for torrents hunting users. This website is multi-niche and has torrents related to the Movies, Software, Apps, Books, and adult content.

The most of the users of this from the USA, as per statistics which is quite interesting. This website displays ads as well as mine the XMR cryptocurrency when you open this website in your browser. This can be easily prevented using the ad-blockers.

Mirror Sites

Exttorrents (Mirrors)
This is the clone of the original Exttorrents torrent website which was taken down by the authorities a few years ago. The interface is completely the same and no one can guess that this is not the original one. But because there is no official statement from the original team of Exttorrents , we tend to believe that this is a nice alternative to The Pirate Bay with a mask of Exttorrents . The best thing about this TPB alternate is the way to browse the website and also the availability to see the latest torrents added to their website.

Mirror Sites
Year Established: 2016
Number of Torrents: 19 Million
Tor Support: No
Best Suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software
Started just 2 years ago, this website has archived the biggest database of the torrents so far. This website is more like a search engine of torrents which searches the torrent as per your query. The result page returns the most identical torrents as per search query.

This website claims not to keep the record of the digital footprints of their visitors and their website don’t do what Google does. But let’s just take it as a myth. Every website tracks you to improve their services or earn from the data.

This website is lurking with annoying ads and can’t be blocked using ad-blockers. At least a few of them. So, be careful while clicking anywhere on the screen. Because this website is yet in its embryonic stage, we don’t have much about the user’s feedback on it.

Mirror Sites
Year Established: 2007
Number of Torrents: 2.5 Million
Tor Support: No
Best Suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software
1337x was started back in 2007 and in little time, it earned a good fame and become notorious as well in eyes of law enforcement agencies. This website serves more than 2 million torrents in different niche including movies, games, and software.

It is not supported by the Tor but deeper research found that there are some websites serving with its name in the deep dark web. We are not sure either they are the actual mirrors or some clones of the actual website.

The user interface of the website is very simple and conventional. It is quite easy to use. You can either search your favourite torrents or browse through the categories as well. If it’s not working on the ISP, you may use the VPN service to get access to this website.

Mirror Sites
Year Established: 2016
Number of Torrents: 5.5 Million
Tor Support: Yes
Best Suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software
Torrentz2.eu is very similar in appearance, nature, and functionality to the defunct torrent site you knew and loved, Torrentz. Torrentz2 is not going to become the ultimate replacement search engine of Torrentz but believe us, it is definitely trying its level best to provide you with the best possible search results.

According to the latest statistics, Torrentz2 has indexed around 5.5 million torrents from 75 domains, meaning that this number is sure to increase in the foreseeable future. Just because Torrentz is sleeping with the fishes does not mean that everything you came to know and love has died too.

After all, indexing millions of torrents and providing you with a potentially endless supply of search results is going to be a very difficult task. Just imagine how long it took Google to start indexing all of those pages; then you will realize the struggle it went into making this.
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