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This is what happens when my mind wanders.

I was letting my mind wander like I usualy do this late at night and after figuring out how a game of Legend of Zelda would play if it was put in a Final Fantasy scifi setting... then I hit something when I saw some pics people did of Dark Link as a wolf... and well... here is what I came up with:

Name: Link (havn't come up with one... if ya'll think of a good one let me know and I might [probably] go for it)

Species: Wolf

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Birth Day: (still debating)

Height: 3ft 9in

Appearance: Black with Dark Grey under and lower leg fur, white marking on face with the one on her forhead and running down between her eyes identical to Wolf Link's from Twilight Princess (was reason for her name) mostly covered by thick bangs with a roughed up hair style. one bang in middle is white on the hairs that make up the underside as they grow from the top of the mark.

Attributes: Telepathic in that she can project her thoughts and physical feelings into the minds of others who she's in physical contact with them. Can also mentaly and physicly feel what others are feeling when in physical contact. While social, she prefers to keep alot about herself to just that... herself. She has animosity to how she got her name, but what child wouldn't if they were named after a well known video game character due to an odd birthmark that is easily visable. At times she can have anxiaty about physicaly tuching people, especialy if they are in pain or emotionaly unstable. This is directly due to her ability, because when stressed she losses control, which creates a circit that continously builds the pain or emotion to dire levels for both individuals if she's not pulled away fast enough.

Yah... I'm actualy considering adding her to the Class 7 students to fill one of the vacent slots... but I'm curious what ya'll think?
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
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