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Update on the Current Situation (2019/03/27)

Hello, everyone!

Spooky here!
It's been a heck of a week, let me tell you.  Everything's off in storage
and we're set up at Dicy's parents' house for the moment.  This makes us
effectively homeless, though not the "out in the cold" kind, just the
"we don't have a place to call our own" kind.

Basically what happened was that our lease was finishing at our
apartment and we were waiting on a job that Dicy applied for
to message him back.  Dicy just graduated with a Bachelor's in Biology
and is looking to get into the Park Service, and this partciular job would
have been perfect (because it's basically a paid internship lasting a
year that would have given him relavent experience and connections.)

The main issue was that our lease ended on the 24th, and the window
to hear back was between fifteen and thirty business days from when
the application period closed.  This means the general latest we could
hear back from them is probably statistically around a week and a half
from now.

Now we would go month to month, but come to find out our apartment
complex is being sold off and most of the employees are gone.  To go
month to month, it would have increased our rent from $820/mo to a
ludicrous $2150/mo which we can neither afford nor would pay for a
shitty 1B/1b basement apartment with broken down appliances.

If we knew where the job might be, we could have packed up and
went there.  However, the job could have been in one of 27 cities,
about nine of which Dicy applied for to make his chances a little better.

This is compounded with the fact that we may never even get a
yes or no.  According to some reviews, some people have gotten the
job without their application status ever going beyond 'recieved'.  For
some it takes months.  So we can't really wait on it.

Worse yet, we're slowly running out of money, so making a huge move
at this point is getting less and less likely.  If he does get the job in
Spokane, we'll try and rally to make the leap, but otherwise the move
is going to be a little closer and more temporary than we'd hoped.

So yeah, that' the situation right now.  We're sequestered in a little
area in Dicy's parents' house, the three of us, and we're here looking
for jobs and places to stay up in Ellijay.  It's not the move we've hoped
but if Dicy or Squeakers get an interview, it's not too bad a drive to
get there and have it.  Also, we've all been up there before and it's
a nice town, not too expensive, and out of the metro-Atlanta area.

On the plus side as well, I've gotten the first nice shower I've had in
a year because their place actually has decent plumbing and more
than ten minutes of hot water, so, yanno, count your blessings, I guess.

So in the meantime, what I'm going to be doing is trying to get
everything organized.

What's that mean?  Well here's the breakdown.

I am going to:

   -  Update my schedule page with everything I have to do.
   -  Update all my commissions and patreon items
    with more detailed progress status.
    - Update my commission form to include all versions
    of standard commissions with updated prices.
    - Update my Patreon spreadsheets for the month.
    - Finish any currently in-progress work.
    - Begin doing the preliminary sketches for all my scheduled
    commissions and patreon items.

I'm going to be installing some security software on my tablet so that
I am better and more securely able to browse using public wifis
because I don't want to risk my or any of my clients' info and some
of the sites I use are difficult to get into on certain networks if not outright
filtered out.

This means, of course, that I'm not going to be able to stream for an
indefinite amount of time.
  I've already remarked on this and I'll be
keeping my clients in the loop as best I can without any sacrifice to the
quality and character that you all expect from me.

This is also not a forever sort of thing.  I'm not going on an 18-month
haitus from commission streams or anything.  This is just due to my
situation, and when that resolves, I'll be back in proper form.

Commissions are currently still open, though the form might be
shut off for an afternoon or so in order to renovate it and add in new
options and information to make it more complete.

If you all notice that it's been off for more than a couple of days,
please message me, I might have forgotten to turn it back on again.

Until that is updated, you can still message me at any of my galleries
linked below or e-mail me at commission[at]foxsaliant.com to place
an order.

The previously mentioned order form is still available here as well.

As for Various Happenings, I will still be chipping away at it from time to
time.  It won't (can't) be my focus right now, but I'll be posting any WIPs
on my Patreon account and in the VIP room of my Discord which you
can find by clicking that link.  I'll be posting all my status updates there,
and there are also some cool people there so if you want to hang out
and discuss Various Happenings or whatever, feel free.  I'm just not going
to be around very often for a bit.

If you want to help with the moving process, you're welcome to buy
a commission, or if you want to donate more directly, you can visit
my ko-fi or donate directly via paypal.

I don't like asking for donations, I'd rather work for it, but I'll take
whatever I can get right now to keep things running.

That's where we are and that's what's going on.  Right now, I just want
to keep all of you up to date and be as transparent as possible
with everything that's going on.  I'm not in any danger and while
it's a bit of a lowpoint, things aren't as bad as they could be.  I've just
been extremely worn down the past month or so and it's time now to
rally and get things done.

This is all temporary, and hopefully we're on our way to something a lot

I'll be in touch!  Later, everyone!


 Update #1 (2019/03/27) - I forgot the discord link in the above post, so
here it is.

I also updated the schedule page so that's ready for further updates.

>Weekly Schedule<

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