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EVERYONE should do this, at least once!

Alright, before we begin, I'm going to openly warn you, this upcoming task will take at least an hour!  There will not be a TL;DR.  If you don't have time now, -please- find the time and come back later.  Ctrl+D will bookmark this page!

I recently found a video on YouTube by a user of the name TheoreticalBullshit....
It was titled "Treatise on Morality", and I was watching it a while back late at night.  I've shared it with several friends and a few strangers, but what I think I've stumbled upon is the closest existing thing to an adamant and objectively measurable standard of morality!

Why are we talking about morality though?  We are just some fur balls trying to have a good time, right?  Well, morality affects -all- of us, furry or otherwise, straight and gay, male and female, all races and religions, EVERYBODY!  Morality is what defines right and wrong, and serves as a guideline when making decisions and actions.  As such, I ask that all of you take the time to hear this through to the end.

Step 1: Watch the video.  ALL of the video!

This will take you a minimum of 32 minutes, and I beg that you replay any parts that don't make sense to you.  After watching that section 2-3 times, if it still isn't clear, then please ask me.

*Waits for you to finish*

Step 2: One of three things are happening in your heads right now, and that decides how we proceed from here.

CASE 1: You are totally clueless or don't really care what is going on.

If you watched that and don't see any importance or message then you have no useful place here.  You are free to leave at any time.

CASE 2: You heard him out, but you disagree (based on logic or on religion), have more questions, or would like a more in depth example of this at work.

I'd ask that you please discuss any disagreements with me, and I'll be happy to hear them out.  You can send a PM or we can talk here on this journal.  Before you do though, I have already given a very concise but fairly comprehensive answer to someone, which I'd ask that you read so I don't need to repeat myself too much.


CASE 3: You agree completely with what was said, you feel that you understand it thoroughly, and you think that you could implement this way of thinking in your life.

Hopefully you feel like you've got a better grasp on morality and how to decide right from wrong, I wish you well, and if you would like to leave comment below with any additional information, please do.


Step 3: Test it!

Regardless of which case you were, I'd like for all of you, no matter what your view of morality is, to consider some of the things that you feel very strongly about, and test it against these guidelines.  See how consistent it is with what you already feel is right and wrong, and please, post any issues that you come up with that don't match.

It would be interesting to consider controversial topics such as gay rights, cub porn, abortion, war in the middle east, etc...  Surprise me!

I look forward to talking with you all, and I invite all of you to talk with yourselves as well.  Please share this journal, and try and keep the comments friendly.



Just because I love music, here are some links to some songs that came on while I was writing the response linked in case 2 I liked...
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
You already know my opinion. I also answered to your response, trying to explain to you better my view of morality and why I see it as invalid. While I think philosophers have created much more complex and possibly better definitions of morality in the past than this video did, I'm sure there are worse ways to spend your time than discussing complex problems like this one.
I guess I give you a thumb up.
8 years ago
Thank you. ^^
8 years ago
Great post! I hope it gets lots of attention! ^_^
8 years ago
Me too :3
8 years ago
8 years ago
Shockingly irrelevant, but.... hilarious.

I'm going to allow this.
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