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Can't Talk Like An Adult...?

CumInflationFemboi blew my mind here.....

He seemed like someone capable of an adult conversation! What lead me to believe this? I INSULTED a FRIEND, and my friend was fully capable of accepting some friendship humor. I tend to think "Millennials" aka pussies whom never learned how to deal with their feels, cannot understand Friendship humor, let alone humor.

But I have been showed wrong today.


Not only a pussy, but a pussy to the point he had to "respond" to me so I'd see it, but not even Beta male enough to let me respond back. He had to respond, and BLOCK ME before I could respond to his post which honestly? was not impactful.

He could have been a pussy to the point of, "TRUMP SAID Grab them by the pussy!" but he wasn't even that pathetic! He was worse. o_O and still such a pussy he couldn't handle a response to it! wow.

I coined the phrase, "First World Problems" for people like him but considering what he said and did? I think a new phrase is needed.

".5 world problems"

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Added: 3 months ago
3 months ago
These "wussies" better understand one thing, at least with me - "I'm not changing for anybody!" I'm cold, I'm harsh, I'm brash with my words and do not give a Flying Fuck Over Pussy Canyon or Cunt Lake about things I believe to be right. They miss the boat on, "prove me wrong," which is not yelling at the top of their lungs and just saying so. Show me facts, show me pictures, show me diagrams, show me the math of the proof you are trying to change my mind with. Only then will I look at what is being offered and objectively consider them wisely.

People like these do not have a world, except for that they had imagined, which for the most part is flat, does not revolve around the sun and Niburu is near by! Just the 3rd part alone gets me pissed off because they do not know what a Dog-Star is, what a Lens refraction is, and what other things are and think that a surface reflection on their image is that if Niburu! DO THE MATH! If Niburu were to be that close to earth, it would have pulled us out of orbit and we would have froze to death long before Niburu got between Saturn's and Jupiter's orbits! That is just one example of STUPID WRONG they are!

Mind you, most of them do not know how to drive a car, do not have a license, and those that just barely do, do not know how to do a simple tune up or change a flat tire. Yet they are willing to walk onto a highway and block traffic. If it were me, I'd mash the gas pedal to the floor and go right through them. They have no right being on the highway and should be treated like any other unfortunate critter that tried to cross the highway - as Road Kill.

They want to take away your rights so that they can be happy. I'll bet you any amount of cash that if I were to go to their home and took away their rights, that they would be pissed off. In fact back on 9/11, when we got the kids back to our school, there was this one teacher that kept on saying, "The USA Deserves this." I immediately found out that he was some immigrant brought in from India because he can teach science and engineering, but in truth did nothing. He was brought in my the THEN Bloomberg Administration when he went out to get "qualified" teachers from other countries to teach in NYC. What a failure that was. Anyways, I told him to prove his point. He did not, going off like BLM and Refugie4Life Matters idiot saying "Fernando, you will never understand." I told him to persuade me, change my thinking. again, nothing but BS and Rhetoric. I told him him to shut up, and he said, "Make me." So I did with a fist to the side of his face. several days later he was on a plane back to India because "things were too tough in NYC!"

I spent over 75% of my life being a teacher, police officer, life guard, community health & HIV liaison, social worker, and so forth. Thus I spend 75% of my life in helping others over come their life's  problems, teaching them, providing services for them and what did I ask for? A good career in helping and teaching others what I know how things should be. What did I get? Getting yelled at, being accused from rape to murder and conspiracy, being poisoned and hurt on the job. If I would have been a criminal, everyone would be patting my bad and saying "Excellent work done!" I do not work like that.

Friends are friends no matter the differences of opinions.  Friends agree to disagree. Friends understand each other of all these things and continue to be friends no matter what. If one is my friend and says something I do not agree with, it is not the end of our relationship. Fuck that 1% BS. They missed on the boat of "If you want something, you have to work for it. All the crying and whining in the world is not going to get it for you." So if this "person" left you because he does not agree with what you said, then he was never your friend and only wanted you there because he could get things from you that he wants. That is not being a friend, that is what being a LEECH is.

Grab'em by the pussy!
3 months ago
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