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I Like Inbunny

The site is very well designed.. the programer did a good job, also the graphical design, the mods are quite kind people too... my only complain is the anti-human sex rule.. but other than that... this place is very nice ^^

The hell happend with FA.. back in the 2005 was like the paradise ...was awesome, and loved it like i love inkbunny now... but it changed so much since old days, is like everydays i read an artist complaining about the site... today was Kayla-na ... https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3316875/    ...just amazing

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
I am new to both IB and FA, but out of the two I like IB much more, simply cuz I am a cub fiend. >:3
7 years ago
Hang around a while and you'll find out why everyone here likes IB better.  The system is better and the admins aren't a bunch of stupid b*ches.  FA fscked itself with the cub ban even though it didn't make any difference for their payment processor.  It just pissed off more users and drove them here.  IB is the future.  I'm still on FA mainly to watch all the non-cub artists who post so much good stuff there.  
7 years ago
Yeah, that's the only reason I hang around there too.
7 years ago
That and nothing ever happens to the admins when they're blatantly caught in their own dumbfuckery with screencap evidence.
7 years ago
Hahaha, oh, wow. They threaten to take down my stuff, I tell them to do it, suspension; and then they don't do it. They take down her stuff without notice, even though it's obvious the kid's not participating- and then apparently take down the reupload that cropped him out!

I miss the old FA, in some ways, but I'm with you, man- IB is much better. The sooner people realize that, the better.
7 years ago
If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of FA swirling 'round the bowl.
7 years ago
I think they already gave me a swirly.
7 years ago
The staff are nice, fast, efficient, and don't have a god complex.
That's something I find rare in websites, even more rare for furry websites.
7 years ago
The same thing that happened with Sheezy Art and Deviant Art. There's just more money in being mainstream cause companies hate advertising on porn sites. Which is what they consider any site that allows sex pics. FA's going to end up with a no porn policy eventually mostly due to the lure of mo' money.
7 years ago
the problem is money, "morality" and business bias.  Mainstream "moral" society says "porn is bad" "bad stuff is bad for business" "bad business makes no money" "no money not worth it".  So much for having the freedom to express yourself on the internet.  Sure their excuse is art websites hosting is expensive and takes up server/equipment space and expenses, and yeah that might be true to some extent but in the end It's their problem for not standing up to the morally biased society and saying "porn is not bad it's a billion dollar industry and it's good for business, specially on the internet."  But in the end the admins simply cave in and just prefer to follow the ignorant and the retarded.
7 years ago
I have another complaint to add to this site. :T I don't care for the PM limit bit.
7 years ago
I like this site myself, another little thing I don't like about this site, however, is the lack of being able to place your PMs in a folder so you can sort them out, aside from that and the anti-human sex rule, this site is rather nice.
7 years ago
7 years ago
her pic did get removed over bullshit though.  but yeah, let's hope Inkbunny doesn't sell their soul for profit
7 years ago
DA is crap.
FA is pretty much become crap.
Inkbunny, could it end up the same?

I hope not.
At 47 I can make my own choices.
7 years ago
IB is just a better happyer place
7 years ago
What happened with FA is that Dragoneer decided his word was law. He started fucking with the rules for "acceptable" uploads every few months - without grandfathering in any content that was acceptable when it was uploaded!

You can't run an art site like a dictatorship. It's a sure path to failure.
7 years ago
You needed to stop at "What happened to fa was Dragoneer"  that's all that needs to be said  , he came in said "THIS SITE IS NOW MINE I STOLE IT FAIR AND SQUARE YOU WILL BOW TO ME!" and everyone just shrugged, he put on 150lbs became a fat loser and is now the fa dictator.
7 years ago
I like the site a lot too. I heard some people said it had a confusing layout, but I think it is pretty pretty looking and has lots of functionality.
7 years ago
I definitely like InkBunny's design much better.

I had the impression that FA has been trying to be preemptively cautious due to recent arbitrary changes in US laws.
But it's practically impossible for multiple people to enforce arbitrary rules in the same way.
The large number of users means they need a lot of mods, which makes it even more impossible.
7 years ago
Good things never last forever, do they...
7 years ago
yeah, i hate the anti human sex rule here...it sucks cause like more than half my drawings are human sex pictures. i am with you, FA sucks, this site is so much better
7 years ago
FA no longer exists as far as I am concerned. InkBunny is my favorite site now. ^_^
7 years ago
... Will someone please answer me this one simple question: why do you want to post human porn art on a furry art site?
Why why why why why why why why why why why?
7 years ago
Yeah, I had something like this happen to me recently. Had a size difference pic, that had been up for years, taken down even though the characters are a folf with a tiger. Even after explaining why I marked it as 'cub' here on IB (Dragoneer's fiancee went outside of FA to make a case against the image) Dragoneer wouldn't over rule the decision. Lets not get started on how bad of an idea it is to have a 'significant other' as a part of your staff, but it's not surprising that they didn't change their stance. [shrugs] Just another reason for me to limit my use of the site, though I can hardly keep up with IB lately anyways so it's not a major loss. =3
6 years, 11 months ago
Wow. e.e; I think InkBunny is still the best heaven for the raunchy furry stuff... Wile FA... I'm not even sure anymore. My account is still alive (thankfully), but not sure when it will "live", since lately I have been using FA for my general hentai stuff... Now imma wait and see how they react to my latest adult pic~ (View at your own risk!)

Sadly I have less furry art than before... But i'll hav my IB up with my MLP Tumblr Prom pics up real soon.. (Waiting for the 25th to pass!)

Oh and yes. IB is pretty. B)
6 years, 10 months ago
Sometimes, it's just time for change.
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