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Furry Dental Fund, a charity idea. Thoughts?

So, several furry friends have very bad teeth and can't afford extractions or whatever would be needed to save them from what is basically a life as a torture victim. Based on this, I had the idea to start a Furry Dental Fund charity where people can donate money for emergency dental surgery for those who are in dire straights. Broken teeth, infections, or other absolutely agonizing tooth problems. Those who receive the money could draw a general thank you picture or write some sort of general thank you story to "pay" for the money. It wouldn't be required, but it would be nice gift for having the suffering end. I have no idea how well it would be received though.

How I think it would work(before any federal charity paperwork and such is even considered).  Get furs to donate(the hard part) because they give a damn about other people.

Collect the money in a bank account or maybe paypal, paypal isn't all that trustworthy but it's a handy way to collect donations.

When somebody needs it, they would have to email the administrator of the charity(whoever it is) and prove their situation. I don't have ideas on how to prove the situation at that at the moment.

Once it is proven they'd have to get an estimate from a dentist for the cost of the cheapest solution.

If there's enough money in the fund, have them tell the dentist to bill the charity.

Obviously, there are still a lot of details work out and that is the reason I posted this journal. What are your thoughts on the idea? Negatives and positives are both good to get out. Even the obvious "It'll never work, furries are lazy and poor", though that's not always true.

so, what do YOU think about it?  Please comment on https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3316070/ so as to keep the conversation in one place, even if you do not like FA
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
as much as i love the idea, being in dire need of dental help myself right now, i dont feel it to be very fathomable. too easily exploited, just for one.
7 years ago
Every charity in existence is exploited.  The only thing you can do is hope that the legitimate use outweighs the exploitation.
7 years ago
Yeah...I'm in the same boat with the bad teeth and lack of funds. I'd love to pitch in to aid but....I'm saying this in between toothaches. x.x
7 years ago
Nice idea
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