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Kiss of death: Wheeled chairs

Posting from phone, cuz my laptop is charging on my backup charger (can charge it, but can't run the unit). My new laptop power brick, which I have had for about a month, has fallen victim to a rolling  chair. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of this event occurring, allow me to fill you in on it.

Rolling chairs focus all of your weight across however many wheels it has, which in turn have a VERY small surface area. In my case, I have 5 wheels, and the weight on them (with the chair) totals 239 pounds (with my brother, who did this, in it). This means that there is 47.8 pounds on each wheel, and less than 1/8 inch of the wheel surface touches the ground.
Now, laptop cords (rascals that they are) happen to make residence on the floor in most houses. My house has a nice, hard floor with NO carpeting on it at all. This means that if anything presses on the cord, the only give will be FROM that cord.

So, when my brother decided to sit in my desk chair and scoot across the floor so he could play skyrim on his 360, he also ran into BOTH ends of my power brick. The wheels destroyed the adaptor tip, and destroyed roughly 4 inches of cord on the back of the brick. Since I dont have another set of parts to repair this, I'm sh*t out of luck when it comes to repairing it. Luckily, I paid for a warranty covering accidental damages (was 15 friggin dollars on a 20 dollar brick) and I am able to send it back in for exchange. Unfortunately, I get to wait for 6 days before I can use my laptoop at full speed again. So, while I wait, I am seriously considering the merits of a desktop unit. Problem is, though, I need about 3TB of storage space, and I have d*ck for money to spare. Time to start saving again, I suppose.....
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