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20 Q's All About You!

Got this from one of my kitten friends on DA X3

1.What is your real name?
Anastasia (Natasha) Russell

2. Got any nick names?
Tasha or kitty.

3. You got lots of friends?
Not really, i talk to a lot of people at school but their more my boyfriends friends than my own.

4. Popular or Unpopular.
Definitely unpopular, everyone thinks i'm weird at school even though i never talk in class.

5. What's your favourite fruit?
Strawberries without a doubt!

6. What's your favourite drink?
My fave hot drink is hot chocolate and my fave cold drink is cranberry juice.

7. Have you got a crush on anyone?
No, i have a mate at the moment ^^

8. Has anyone got a crush on you?
As if.

9. You a good artist?
Yes and no. I'm decent. Some of my stuff comes out better than others.

10. Have you ever been dumped or dumped someone?
No, and i sure hope it doesn't happen ><

11. Did you deal with it ok, or would you be able to deal with it if it happened?
I wouldn't know what to do with myself really, life must go on as the saying goes but i'd always feel really lonely and it's when your only happiness is taken away from you do you see the grim side of life. I'd have no one to cuddle with or someone to say i love you to me. God that was really depressing ._.

12. Got a character/Fancharacter?
Tanya Tinks, an anthro kitty version of me :3

13: Do you read?
I love to read, i'm always in the middle of a book, i'm never not reading one at all.

14. Fan of anything?
Hello kitty, sonic especially silver the hedgehog, furryness, various animes like black butler, steampunk related stuffness. The list could go on but i'm too tired.

15. Do you get sick often?
I never used to but lately i've been getting colds, hayfever has been acting up getting very sore throats, but my mom says it might be due to stress because she says i always seem to be when i come home from school. Those who are stressed are the only ones who don't realise that they are X3

16. Got any pets?
A dog called charlie, wish wish wish i had a kitty though.

17. What do you want to do when you leave school?
Go to Amercia more than anything! I've wanted to live there ever since i stayed there for five weeks as a kitten. I want to work towards becoming an author, but no one really seems to take it seriously and keep telling me to find another career...

18. You a computer addict?
Hell yeah. I'd be lost without my precious netbook and laptop. My laptop seems to be pulling a derple at the moment with lots of coding popping up on the screen i think it's trying to tell me it's dying.

19. Do you own any cosplay?
I do indeed. Haruhi suzumiya school uniform X3 And a maid dress o3o

20. If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be?
To live in america with my boyfriend dylan and a kitten called poiyo, for me to become an author and for dylan to um, not quite sure what exactly he's going for in business/advertising or something but i hope he does well nonetheless! XD
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