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Krezz Karavan needs your help


Today at 4:00 am, Carlos, Krezz Karavan's brother (creator of "School Days")
contacted me letting me now that Karavan has been hospitalized due hepatic
encephalopathy, he can't think well, almost unconscious. he has also cirrhosis
(he is not an alcoholic, so cause can be another thing), among other problems
that i can't describe due my lack of english knowledge.

This is not shit, sadly i saw him and heard him through a facebook video, talked
with his brother and his mother on video about this, I heard him raving in pain, it
hurt me so much to see him like that, we talked normally just few days ago.

His Brother told me that they will need help, Karavan is the support of his entire
family, I know that and his economic struggles with the bank. Sadly we can't use
his paypal account for make them receive any donation, since krezz can't have
access to his accounts at the moment, and the brother doesn't have paypal, just
a bank account where i'll send money throught my bank, i'll donate there and handle
any donation that his fans and friends want to make him. if you want to donate to
Krezz's Health recovery, please send your donation to my paypal account
bbmbbf@gmail.com (important, please add a note saying "donation for Krezz")

Thank u so much in advance guys.
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Added: 4 months ago
4 months ago
Oh gosh, I hope he recovery soon, Krezz is a great friend and I really cant belive this just happend.
4 months ago
dear god
4 months ago
Oh damn , how long did he have this problem ?
4 months ago
He's been ill a few days. But we yhought it was a stomach flu
4 months ago
Oh man thats hard to hear. I hope hell be alright D:
4 months ago
I loved his work. I hope he makes a recovery from this...This is just tragic...
4 months ago
Oh my I hope he gets better soon.
4 months ago
all are preys will be with him and his family
4 months ago
That's really bad to heat. I hope he recovers from it and gets well soon.
4 months ago
Oh my... :-o Get well soon Krezz!
4 months ago
Get well soon Krezz
4 months ago
My prayers are with him and his family.  I’ll try to send a little money as soon as I can.
4 months ago
OMG... this was very unexpected..  >.<

I hope he gets well

Thanks for letting us know, BBMBBF.
4 months ago
I hope he makes a full recovery.
4 months ago
On no... I terribly sorry to hear that. All my hopes and prays goes for him and his speedy recovery.
4 months ago
I'm sorry to hear that... I hope he has a speedy recovery.
4 months ago
Holly shit D:) i hope he will be okay :(? https://previews.123rf.com/images/dndavis/dndavis1708/d...
4 months ago
Fuck.....I hope and wish for his quick recovery and prayers to his family
4 months ago
All my prays for him. I hope he recovers.
4 months ago
May God be with him
4 months ago
Oh no... that is terrible news! I hope he recovers quickly and completely!
4 months ago
If he's suffering of all that, I'm afraid he's not gonna last long. But I'm not a doc, so I could be wrong.
4 months ago
Oh jeeze! o_o

I've shared this journal and your submission with my pals on a Discord server (2 actually). If you want me to share this with a few more people to help, I can. Hope God can help him, dude. -hugs-
4 months ago
Not that I'd want to discourage you, but I strongly suggest that you tell his family not to hesitate with any treatment.
The condition you described is actually quite something.
Among other things it can cause permanent brain damage and it can also very well be fatal.
And, sorry to say it, but that "difficulty to think" which you mentioned is indeed part of that process.
I'm not saying that it's already too late.
I'm just saying that the treatment should begin very soon.

As for the possible cause.....
If it's not due to alcohol that's already a plus.
Nevertheless there could be numerous reasons why this happened.
If the reason is nothing overly complicated it can be possible to get a cirrhosis under control.
But it could also be the case that a transplantation is necessary.

That's all I can say from here.
4 months ago
Oh, no...! ;_;
4 months ago
Sending best wishes here and I left a shout on his page linking back to the journal. Bout best can do as doubt anyone has access to his account to make a journal. Will also make a journal.
4 months ago
Get Well Soon Krezz. Hope you be ok.
4 months ago
Oh no poor Krezz :'(
I wish him good luck and I hope he gets well soon...
4 months ago
Ohgod x.x Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery!
4 months ago
Best wishes to both of them.
4 months ago
Damn thats horrible < : ( Sending my best wishes to Krezz in hopes that he recovers soon. I'll send a donation for his recovery, not to mention to help with what ill assume is gonna be a bitch of a hospital bill..But as long as Krezz gets well its all worth it.
4 months ago
I wish he be better soon  = (
4 months ago
Hope, well wishes, positive thinking, and prayers, is all one do to help Krezz. Donations is what will him and his family with the situation.

Do both as best as one can. I'll be moderating his stream at 5PM-ish EST for anyone who wants to drop by, hang out, talk, pray, or stand in silence.
4 months ago
I know how much you appreciate it man just the way I do and now I only hope he get better as soon as possible I know he will.
3 months, 4 weeks ago
Not Krezz! I never would have expected this.  (Seriously, I expected this sort of news about Elfen: "The docs finally figured out what was wrong.  They did one test and Elfen dropped into a coma, the good news is that if he comes out of this, they will have cured him of his mystery illness/condition.")

I'll try to get something scraped together to send.  In the meantime, he and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers, for what it's worth coming from someone with my weak faith.
3 months, 4 weeks ago
A quick check on WIkipedia shows that HE is typically CAUSED by Cirrhosis, so seeing it on the list isn't surprising.

Still this is a serious problem that needs quick treatment.
4 months ago
I hope he's all right... :(
4 months ago
hope he gets better soon, sent a bit, thanks for this, BBM!
4 months ago
Bummer. :(
4 months ago
That is horrible news, My prayers are with him and his family. I wish for his speedy recovery and hope that any donation will help.

Thank you BBMBBF for letting everyone know and hosting the donation effort.
3 months, 4 weeks ago
oh damn, yo... I hope he makes it okay....
3 months, 4 weeks ago
I am so sorry to hear this krezz has done so much for me and I can’t do anything to help him I can’t even send a donation to help him all I can say is I wish krezz a speedy recovery and my prayers are with him and his family
3 months, 4 weeks ago
I am very sad that I can not help, I do not have an international card to donate, I will pray for him to recover, I love his work.
3 months, 4 weeks ago
Words cannot express how sad I am to hear of the news. I do hope Krezz gets better and will pray for his recovery.
3 months, 4 weeks ago
Krezz has done so much for everyone through his art and kindness, and it's so shocking to hear about his condition.  My deepest condolences to his friends and family, and I pray that he recovers well.
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