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Flat Tire and Skyward Sword

Woke up the day before yesterday and found my car had a flat tire. That wasn't a nice surprise but it's a lot better to have a flat in your driveway than on a bridge over a river deep enough to wash away you and your car. That's what happened to me the last time I had a flat tire, blew out right on a bridge. Thanks to help from my dad, I managed to get that fixed yesterday morning. All of my siblings have been bugging the crap out of me to be their damn personal taxi and pay for the gas myself to haul them around recently, of which I have denied all of their requests. It's fun being a jerk sometimes but my wallet is bare enough as it is.

Been getting some more house work done but so have the mice. The mice infestation has gotten worse and there isn't much I've been able to do about it personally. I tried making a Gacy Bucket style trap but that didn't work well. So at my disposal I have one, only one, mouse trap and my air rifle. My cat Zuko isn't much help, he doesn't really care much for the taste of mice apparently and just watches them go by.  That single mouse trap has made quick and effective work of the mice though sometimes the little things are clever enough not to activate it. I've gone a step forward sitting around the house and instantly killing them with my air rifle if no one is home and assuming I don't miss (my accuracy has been particularly bad today). Yeah, it's messy but it works but I catch hell from my drunk of a mother for trying to take care of the problem.

So when she went to town today, I asked if she could pick up some more mouse traps. The mice are starting to chew on the plastic containers we put our food in and are bad about getting into the cat and dog food. It won't be long before they make it through the plastic and into the food, as if it isn't already bad that they piss and crap on everything here. They are even ballsy enough to just stare at you with no fear, I've had one run straight up to me and try to run up my pant leg. Earlier today, I found two on the washing machine looking like they were having a conversation of all things and they stopped and stared at me when I approached as if I had interrupted them. Anyway, so I asked my mom to pick up some mouse traps. She said she didn't have the money even though I saw her slip my drunken idiot of an elder brother some the other day. So she comes back with my eldest brother from his girlfriend's house and what do you know, a whole twelve-pack of beer bottles. And here I thought she said she didn't have the money to pick up a few cheap mouse traps but she had enough for beer.

And this has been happening almost everyday. If she doesn't work, she picks up my eldest brother, brings him plus $10-$30 worth in beer, he gets drunk and I have to deal with him here, then my mom complains about having to take his drunk ass back where he lives and tries to pass the task on me, I refuse and let her finish what she started, she comes back later that night, and the cycle begins again the next day. It's gotten to the point where she spends more money on beer than on food and is as bad of an alcoholic as my eldest brother is. Hell, she enables him and buys his beer and gives him money for whatever else he wants. It really sucks not having much to eat here and what food that is here is starting to become not very appealing in my eyes due to the mice and the potential disease they are spreading. At least on the weekend me and my dad go grocery shopping with his money and we stock up on food but even then it doesn't last long, especially having my eldest brother come over, get drunk, and eat it all and then I have to clean up after him. I'm thankful for my dad having a good amount of sense about him but he's an old dog with little backbone anymore to raise a finger against all this. He's become very passive in his old age, nowhere near like the Nintendo-busting dad of the past that smashed whatever my older siblings were squalling over. It did solve the problem though.

I went over to my sister and her boyfriend's house a few days ago. She's been wanting me to show up though I am leery of her attempts to dupe me into babysitting for her. She's really been wanting someone to play Mario Party 9 with her so I eventually broke down and decided to head on over for a visit to stop the constant phone calls. I couldn't care less about Mario Party 9 really but stopping the phone ringing so much would be nice. Didn't end up playing Mario Party though, I talked to her boyfriend and instead he let me play "flaming piece of crap not worth my money" or what I thought was Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And it was. So I played that for a while to see how good it really was. Played some World of Tanks there too (currently trying to play a Lee and if you know what that is you can probably relate to the anguish it is causing me) while I had access to good internet and not the crap I have out at my house. Anywho, I remember a while back hearing all sorts of people rave about Skyward Sword much like Twilight Princess but I don't have money like I used to so I don't go and take game risks very often. After a few hours. son, I was disappoint. Here I thought I would never be as disappointed in a Zelda game as much as Twilight Princess but this was even worse. I don't give a shit about fancy graphics or gimmick motion controls that just pissed me off. It's like Power Glove all over again (or the Maximum Glove). I found the story to be yet another rehash of a rehash of a rehash of a rehash and once again Japanese culture excessively pervading it as if it was a cultural brochure. I suppose that's a given coming from Japan but maybe I just miss the days back when games were original and unique and not half-asses, especially story-wise. To me, Zelda is as dead as Fable and Halo and nothing more than crap selling because of it's brand name and not because of it's merits.

Man, I used to like video games but I'm almost ashamed to say it because of getting thrown into the "gamer" group. I got into an interesting debate, well, more like brain aneurism causing debate, with my middle brother and his friends that ended up causing some hurt feelings among some of them. They all went on about how story gets in the way of gameplay and how graphics were more important. At first I thought I was hearing a line out of Arby n' The Chief but it was real. We were playing Halo multiplayer at the time and they went on and stated their case. Since we were playing Halo, I asked them what Halo was all about, what the story was all about. It's something that they have played ridiculous amounts of so being complete Halo-tards they should know what it is about, right?

They didn't know. Aliens attacking humans and stuff was about all I got.

So I asked how they could have played it so long that they didn't know. They said all they do is follow the objective waypoint like you're supposed to and do what the objective says and shoot the Covenant aliens along the way. At this point, I was dumbstruck. I still had a few more questions to ask them to make my case fully.

Since they thought that graphics were such a big part of gameplay and story was not and only got in the way, I asked them about an old game that was a favorite of us all back when we were much younger: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you've ever played it on N64, you know what the graphics are and if you grew up in the 90's, you probably had no complaints whatsoever about them and thought they were some of the best at the time. I asked if they still liked Ocarina of Time and they said they did. But what about the graphics? Of course we agreed that the graphics without a doubt suck compared to everything now. But when I asked them about why they liked it, since graphics is off the table, they fell into my debate checkmate. So much for story getting in the way of gameplay, they went hand-in-hand and made a marvelous game and when the admitted it I just turned my x-box controller  
side ways, dropped it for dramatic effect, and quit playing. And boy did that piss the two guys off, they left in one hell of a huffy attitude. I'm normally not that good of a debater but that ended up being a masterstroke that I almost always bungle.

Needless to say, I learned a few things myself. Like for example, my extreme dislike of modern idiot gamers who can't play a game worth shit if they don't have their precious players' guide to baby them through it. When I was over with my middle brother, most of them there can't play Skyrim (I do like Skyrim myself) without their massive players' guide. They are utterly lost without it and can't think for themselves. Part of the reason is because they skip through EVERY dialogue and rely, like in Halo, on the quest objectives menu. Me and my brother were joking about how it's funny because even the players' guide for Skyrim leaves out some details that make his friends act like dumb toddlers. I also realized that why a lot of games suck so bad nowadays is that the previous generation of developers that I grew up with is gone and is replaced with replicas of the two "gamers" I got into an argument with. I'm sure this has been known by others for a long time but that realization hit me head on like a ton of bricks or like Old Spice Guy and it kinda depressed me a little.

Back to the topic of Skyward Sword. I read some reviews and it was weird. They were either putting it on an Obama-style holy pedestal while ranting and raving about how good it is without really giving any good reasons but giving it a 10/10 or the reviews were much more critical and averaged around 5/10. As much as I dislike this new Zelda, I asked my sister's boyfriend if I could borrow it. He almost seemed happy to let it go. And I almost forgot but I remembered I needed the Wii Motion Plus crap too. Why would I borrow a game I don't like? Because I'm evil, that's why.

How so?

You see, Professor Awesome is someone I like to call a "video game masochist". He hates being called that but it's true. If you put a game in front of him, pester him enough, he'll play it and he'll go all perfectionist on it and attempt to beat it completely while hating every minute of it assuming it is a game that he doesn't like and that he doesn't get distracted with another game. We have similar tastes in games though he leans even more so for good story out of it. So next time I go over to his house, I'm going to leave him Skyward Sword. I know he'll find it and he'll start to play it. He did it with Kingdom Hearts. I think I jab at him maybe a little too much for playing and beating Kingdom Hearts (in his defense, it is his sister's game and I know that to be true) but it's Kingdom Hearts after all and I ain't afraid to say that I hate it and I think it sucks though I could use much more coarse and harsher words that while accurately describing it would also make nuns' heads explode with rainbows in the process.

Apart from my longer-than-expected mini-rant on games, I didn't get hired back at Wal-mart again with my most recent application I mentioned last journal. Like every application I've put in for the last year, I got turned down on all of my last batch. I was the most optimistic with Wal-mart seeing how I worked there before but they turned me down yet again. I ran into my old co-worker, Gerald, a few days ago when I was there and turns out he quit. They've been apparently doing some sort of administrative overhaul and now have folks breathing down your back all the time. It's not a big surprise that a lot of Wal-mart employees aren't very diligent in their duty and it came to no surprise to me when I was told that there have been a lot of problems at the two closest Wal-marts with stockers being too lazy to do their jobs or even show up. Most people who apply for Wal-mart from what Gerald told me are drug addicts who know they can't pass a piss test but apply anyway and waste the management's time and constantly restart the hiring process for them. While I'm bummed out that I was turned down yet again, Professor Awesome called me up today with news that he managed to get some applications for jobs at an Office Depot about 30 miles away. Sure, it's an hour drive but even with high gas prices, I need to eat. He's pretty confident with this one based on what the guys he spoke with there said (apparently a customer service associate and a general manager) but here's the shit kicker, they're not hiring until May. It's better to have an application than none but I could sure use that job now ASAP.

Art-wise, I've been too busy dealing with mice, some house work (most of which is now done except for the toilet project I mentioned last journal), and my drunkard mother and eldest brother to get much art work done. It's really messing with me, I realized just how much it helps me relax and forget about the crap I deal with here. So yeah, besides some distant future story plans for Demordicai Diamonds, I don't have much to show for at the moment. I'm thinking about heading back over to Professor Awesome's house sometime but I'm not sure when exactly or for how long. It probably won't be until April by the time I can get to some more art work but the sooner I can get some time for it the better. Professor Awesome has been working on his third (or is it fourth or fifth now?) iteration of the magic system for Demordicai Diamonds. I think this is the best version so far now and I don't think there is much more fat and tangled or excessively complicated/prone to cause explanation confliction within itself. If all goes well, I think we might FINALLY have a winner. I think Professor Awesome is still writing it on paper though, taking it slow and only writing a page at a time. I'll have to personally go over it whenever I get over to his house. That, and I hear he has a few crescent rolls left in the refrigerator. Those are great!

That's about it for this journal, I got some mice to shoot.
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