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Doodles for Donations (be sure to read)

Okay, so hopefully people have seen the previous journal: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=34187

Today's streaming will be trying to get a bit more help sent Lou's way. People wanting to just donate, email me at poorwolfy at gmail for payment instructions. If you're in the stream though, I'll be doing sketch doodles as usual, starting at $30 per character. Anyone wanting to throw more than $30 is welcome to do so, and the extra will go to Cashew Lou, along with half of the base price as well. NOTE: If you're wanting art, don't send anything until I've agreed in stream to draw your request. If you just send money, that's a donation.

As usual, I will be focusing on single-character simple pose shots first, but if nobody is asking for those, I'll move on to multiple character requests.

1: No poop, no girls or girlyboy stuff. Anything else should be fine, just ask.

2: Characters MUST have an existing drawn reference. These are quicky doodles, I'm not doing ref work.

3: My characters may be requested, but additional content restrictions may apply.

4: More complicated/detailed characters (spots/stripes/antlers/wings/cybernetics), or machinery/props/background stuff will cost more, depending on level of craziness. The intent with these is quantity, so the more time a single pic will take, the more it's going to cost.

5: Payment will be made through PayPal and you must have the funds in your account currently. No IOU's. If you're picked to be the next drawing, that is when I will let you know where to send payment, and drawing will begin as soon as payment goes through. DO NOT send any payments before I have told you to do so.

6: I'm not doing a queue, or first-come first-serve. After each drawing is done, I will pick the next person out of whoever is there at that moment asking for one based on which request I most feel like doing. The upshot of this is that it prevents people from missing out simply because they were 5 minutes late and all the slots have been taken. The trade-off is that you may attend the whole stream and not get picked. Any method of doing this will be "unfair" to someone, and this is how I feel like doing it. I may change it up and do it differently next time, I may not.

7: To request one, wait until I am between drawings, and when I ask who wants next, speak up and give a simple ( simple as in short, but still specific and not-vague please) one-line description of what you want to see. Have reference links ready but don't post them unless I ask, please.

That said, here we go:

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