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Quiet... Panicked... but still here.

Been meaning to post a quickie journal to reassure everyone I'm still alive.  I'm currently panicking to get a ton of projects done, so I'm going to continue to be quiet for a long time.  All my creativity and free time is being sucked up by school work.

However, a lack of TIME to work on crap doesn't mean a lack of IDEAS.  I have some fun story ideas that I'm planning, as well as a small backlog of new sketches (yes, I'm still practicing, and improving little by little), and I hope to post SOMETHING by the end of the semester...

I'm currently working out ideas for a new Sonic series unrelated to my main 'verse.  I call it "Knothole Nightmares."  Basically, it'll be a collection of unrelated horror/sci-fi/etc stories that don't fit into my main ongoing plotline.  Basically stuff like my Welcome Home Princess story that might end... badly.  I've got some good ideas for storylines, so it's gonna be fun, I think.

As for art...  more of the same mostly.  Sketches of characters, experimenting with learning to pose, practicing anatomy... Gonna be a long time before you see anything TRULY interesting out of me outside of pin-ups and experiments.  Still, you don't watch me for the art anyway. ^_^;

Lessee... anything else I have to say?   Ummm... I'm like the only person in the world who truly enjoyed Mass Effect 3's ending...  I'm working on a new movie script, this time for one of my favorite superheroes, Static...  And John Carter and Hunger Games were great movies, but are only tiding me over for Avengers and Prometheus later on this year... provided the school stress doesn't kill me first (a very REAL threat).

...Yeah, that's about all I have to say right now.  Rock on, folks.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Thank you so much for the update Skye - 'glad to hear you're still this side of sanity (just!).
If you ever need to vent, chat, anything... let us know *le hug*
7 years ago
I have to say, I think the whole furore over the Mass Effect 3 ending is missing the point - the Reapers were always going to be an enormous threat, there's a limited number of ways to deal with them without everyone dying, and if you think otherwise, then ask the histories of the Last Stand at Baghdad against the Mongols. Oh, wait, you can't, because the Mongols rolled right over them, and then right over their entire civilization as well. So we don't know what happened.
Frankly, any ending with more than three biological sentients in the entire galaxy is a massive plus.

(And the Mongolian cycle of invasions from the steppes every few generation has certain similarities to the Reaper Cycle...)
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