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Take Earth Back...wait [26/03/12]

Figured I'd do a mass journal update given how long ago it was. Things are slowly settling down since I started this job. It's not ideal, but it's something .Also means I've settled on a schedule that allows me to work on Panthera and work on side art here on FA/IB/SF.

Speaking of, requests are in fact open, however I will be more selective on which I'll choose to do given the reduced amount of time. I don't wan't people to wait too long as all my previous requesters have before. Same restrictions apply: no backgrounds, two characters max and it will only be flat coloured. One change I'm making is that for the moment I would prefer these remain mature requests.

And now for the updated list.

REQUESTS: [01/04/12]
-   inabyss (FA)
-   insanesniper (FA)
-   swisswolf (FA)
-   shinzuukatame (FA)
-   lordmurasame (FA)
-   Apalanic (SF)

If you prefer more detail with your picture, or want some actual shading, then I also do commissions. Refer to https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7144521/ for my prices. But feel free to PM/Note me for details.

COMMISSIONS: [26/03/12]


So it's been a weird time for gaming the past few weeks, which obviously I refer to the Mass Effect 3 ending dilemma. Hard not to gauge your opinion of it when you have friends who constantly tell you to preper to be extremely disappointed and angry when you play it. Well, having finished it last week, I can say that the ending while certainly disappointing does not warrant the amount of anger it has generated. While I can understand the whole it does not pay off the several years of commitment angle over three games, it is still at the base of it a plausible ending. The issue is the execution and the many details that either break established canon rules or does not offer any resolution.

But does that make ME3 a terrible game? No, I loved the journey, and the many high points at each "arc". The Quarian/Geth arc being a particular favourite. As for ending, I've seen worse in similar setups. The obvious comparison is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A surprisingly great game, hampered by a very half assed ending, which at the base of it offers an interesting idea, but executed poorly.

Also boss fights but that's a different conversation. As for worse ending ever? Kane & Lynch 2, simply because there isn't one yet pretends it is one.

So yeh, I can understand the anger and disappointment, but does it warrant petititons or abusive language against Bioware? Not really. As for Bioware possibly retconning the ending in future DLC. Well it all depends how they handle it. The only direct comparison is how Bethesda handled it in Fallout 3. We shall see in the end.

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