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Left 4 Dead and Operation Raccoon City

For the love of God i wish people would stop saying these two games are similar. I hate Operation Raccoon City, but it is nothing like Left 4 Dead!

First of all, Slant Six has only made 4 games, ORC included. The other three were third person, squad based shooters called SOCOM! The style of play that was used in ORC mimics this, the only thing Slant Six knows, almost to a T.

Second of all, none of the enemies in ORC resemble anything from Left 4 Dead, not even their spawning and behavior. Nothing is this game is inspired by anything post - resident evil 3 (except for grenades)! NOTHINNNGGGGG!

The game play includes data collection, cover-based combat, experience gain and leveling, class-system and abilities, zombies AND human enemies. Boy i sure loved how in left 4 dead i got to level up and customize my load out and abilities. Oh and when you get to shoot at humans with guns while ducking behind cover, that was just awesome!

Give me a break people! Even the the multiplayer resembles Call of Duty more than Left 4 Dead. It only has four modes but it includes something similar to a Team deathmatch and even as item collection based challenges where you compete against an opposing HUMAN team for extraction and items. Just like Left 4 dead where you get to shoot at other human players right? RIGHT!? Noooooooooo!

I get it, okay? Left 4 dead is incredibly over rated, just like CoD3, just like Gears of War, just like Mass Effect 2 (yeah i'm using ME2 because that game sucked and i had to sit in gamestop and listen to a sales clerk talk for over an hour about how amazing it was, when it suuuucked, and ME3 on the whole didn't quite suck) Gamers do that, you cannot have an over rated game without gamers to over rate that game so yes saying this is pointless but just because you love the game doesn't mean you have to compare every zombie game to it. Okay so you like running around in a generally linear play area with a skimpy few weapons while firing from the hip at hoards of broken zombies and overpwered specials who spawn in the cheapest places and actually act like their intelligent despite them being basically undead, while any form of tactical advaantage goes right out the fucking window at the start of any hoard because the enemy force is so rediculously overwhelming; not to mention a busted physics engine and a crappy damage system. You like that. got it. But it's nothing like Operation Raccoon City oh my gooooood.

After giving it a little bit of thought, i realize to the average dumbass, a four player campaign seems a lot like that but how long have YOU been gaming? Because L4D was not the first game to use that feature, i hate to say it but it's been out since.. well Super Nintendo i think. If not then years ago at least. A local multiplayer campaign is something that should have been happening a lot more, it wasn't Valve's brilliant brain-child. As far as i know Nintendo has been doing that since at LEAST the gameboy advanced. So there is... absolutely... no similarities.... in these two games. Even the developers previous projects, SOCOM, reflect ORC more closely than Left 4 Dead...

*falls over*
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
i agree.  i really wish i hadn't bought it!
6 years, 10 months ago
ORC or L4D? Or both xD
6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Yes Orc sucks. It was a disappointment. I was at Gamestop at midnight after rally got out of work just to pick that thing up and it turned out to be a joke... and incomplete one at that!
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