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Not all college classes are useful.

Taken from a Skype log:
[6:20:25 PM] Kaze: I fucking hate this stupid class
[6:20:34 PM] Kaze: I have to take one of my classes online
[6:20:43 PM] Kaze: It's a first year experience class
[6:22:22 PM] Kaze: http://i.imgur.com/5adPA.png
[6:22:23 PM] Kaze: This
[6:22:24 PM] Kaze: is
[6:22:27 PM] Kaze: ONE OF MY QUESTIONS
[6:22:37 PM] Kaze: You know what? This professor can fuck off
[6:23:02 PM] Kaze: Why the fuck does it matter the REASONS behind someone's motivation to do something useful?

I have certain life experiences that  make me believe this.

[6:23:22 PM] Kaze: When I was 13, I got suspended from school
[6:23:26 PM] Kaze: again
[6:23:36 PM] Kaze: And I had a week to make up a ton of work
[6:23:54 PM] Kaze: Well, I was insanely unmanagable.
[6:24:21 PM] Kaze: My mother grounded me and took my gameboy, I had just gotten LeafGreen at the time
[6:24:39 PM] Kaze: I threw such a fit that it got physical until she gave it back to me
[6:25:06 PM] Kaze: She was so beyond any rationality that she had to call my grandmother to come pick me up.
[6:25:32 PM] Kaze: When I got in the car, my grandmother took my gameboy and told me that I'd get it back when I did all my school work.
[6:26:08 PM] Kaze: About 3 days afterword, at night, I said "I can't wait to get this work done so I can keep raising my Charmeleon"
[6:26:14 PM] Kaze: My grandmother went ape shit
[6:26:50 PM] Kaze: "I am half-tempted to not give it back to you because you didn't learn a damn thing! You aren't doing this because it's the right thing to do to help with your education, you're doing it to get your game back!"
[6:28:02 PM] Kaze: My response: "Why does it even matter? As long as I get it done, it shouldn't matter what my reason is. And I don't CARE about my education, I actually CARE about pokemon! You should be glad I even have any motivation because otherwise I'd just not even do this stupid work."
[6:28:09 PM] Kaze: I do not regret this.
[6:29:01 PM] Kaze: Even though my college education matters to me, it only matters to me because in this economy, a degree in something from a community college makes me more likely to get a job than someone out of highschool.
[6:30:10 PM] Kaze: And I'm not doing this homework right now because it's the right thing to do, I'm doing it because I have to, because I'll get penalized on my financial aid if I don't meet a certain GPA, because I want the fuck out of this class, and because I wanna get back to playing Pokepark 2, something I actually give two shits about.
[6:30:43 PM] Kaze: If this idiot professor thinks that I am in the wrong, then they're just a patronizing, unrealistic dumbass.

The thought that there is even a "right" reason to do anything pisses me off. There are times when I try to be honorable about matters which I am personally invested in, and there are times when I have what is publicly defined as "genuine good intentions" for my actions, but I do NOT always have such intentions, I have no intention of pretending that I do, and there really is nothing wrong with my motivation for doing something I don't enjoy just so I can get back to something I do.

Any morally aligned person might find a lot of faults with my motives. I've bought my friends games because I wanted them to play with me, I've PMed people on IRC with the intention of cyber sex, I've drawn pictures solely for attention and to boost my notoriety, I only give a shit about college because it'll help me get a job in this economy, I only help people with chores if they're paying me, I am a terrible person by public definition, but if anyone actually believes that about me, I suggest they look at their own motives for doing anything. I'd bet my life's savings theirs aren't much better than mine.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
Of course it doesn't matter if you do something for the right, wrong, or even no reason in your own life.  Hell, buy a game for a friend so they'll play it with you or go to college just for the economy/job/party.  When it comes to personal decisions, the only reason good or bad is whatever one you have for yourself.

Now.  I want you to think for a moment about whatever reason they have to ask you this question?  By the looks of this it's some sort of basic financing or possibly reasoning class.  I'm gonna assume financing for my point.  College is meant to teach you to be a professional at something.  For whatever reason you have, you want to become some sort of professional.  In a career it is more likely than not that your actions don't just impact yourself, but perhaps a lot of other people.  If you want to make decisions based on bad reasons for your OWN life, I don't care, but as soon as you start trying to use bad reasons to decide something that impacts MY life you can bet your ass I'm going to say something about it.

That's why they're trying to teach you how to do things for the 'right' reason.  Whether or not there is truly a 'right' reason is irrelevant.  They want you to make good decisions so that you won't harm others in your field, and you want to be able to give your customers, clients, and/or peers a good reason not to kick your ass if they backfire.
6 years, 11 months ago
My idea of a career is getting a shit job that you normally could do with a GED or right out of highschool. However, the requirement has been bumped up, with at least a community college degree as a standard to even get a really crappy office job. And it's even harder for me because people simply don't want to hire people with handicaps, either because they're scumbags that hate it when we use our right to insurance or because they're biased assholes, but for whatever reason, I have to endure college twice as much as a normal person.

I don't think I have the lacking conscience to be irresponsible with someone else, I even get freaked out if I leave one of my guys behind on Pikmin, I restarted a day once where I gained three ship parts just because I watched one guy run to the spaceship, trip, and look up at me as if asking why I left him behind before he was eaten by insects. That game has scarred me in ways I cannot describe, hurting real people is unthinkable, unless they hurt me first, then it's on. >:3

I like to think about the reasons why I do things, having a clear reason is important for me, but a "clear" reason doesn't necessarily mean a moral one. I never do anything "for the hell of it," I consider that thoughtless and beneath me, but I consider it equally thoughtless to do something because it's popularly defined as "right" or "proper."
6 years, 11 months ago
You bring up some pretty damn good points.

I just wish I had an intelligent reply.
6 years, 11 months ago
Sometimes I'm also at a loss for words.
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