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Alternative Interests & You

I made the mistake a long while ago and continue to make the mistake of acknowledging my furry interests (and some darker interests) on a message board that is ... decidedly not furry-related.

The problem with doing this is that once you are identified with an interest that somebody else doesn't have, that somebody else will identify you *ONLY* with that interest because they are an idiot.

So now everybody thinks I exclusively like furry and exclusively like horses and don't like anything that isn't one or the other.

I don't see why people are so stupid that they end up doing this, but the moment they hear about any alternative interest they make dramatic assumptions:

(I have since edited these to have more and more hilarious descriptions)

* Breasts: WHAT is WITH you BOYS and BREASTS!? Ugh. Hang on let me take this gum out of my mouth. I mean like seriooousllyyy. :rolleyes: I bet you want to fuck your mother too. I mean CHKKK!! *hand thing*

* Furry: Every cartoon animal you see is incredibly hot. You always put on a fursuit of them and yiff-roleplay with 20 other people. You are also a zoophile automatically with all the conditions that adds.

* Lolicon: You are 100% pedophile (in reality, not just for animu) with no standards whatsoever. Every time any girl younger than 10 walks by your boner rips the entire town in half and takes out a hundred mountains, regardless of her weight level, hair color, face, etc. because dicks don't think. You regularly massage your pillow whispering "Kokonoe-chan, take off your panties ..." You are also Japanese for various reasons.

* Pokemon fan: Maybe you'll move out of your parents' basement at 40? Just as soon as you find somewhere to put your life-sizes of all the first 151 and Palkia. And jeez, where do you even *GET* an anatomically correct Smugleaf plush!? You don't store your cards in there do you!?

* Sonic fan: You are autistic and a nudist and draw in MSPaint on weekends.

* Zoophile: You fuck all animals. All of them. Ever. Even platypus. You like nothing else and never do anything else. You're also a vegan.

* Zoophile for horses especially: You are a sadistic horse rapist. Each night you scurry off like a vampire and leap over fences and single-handedly rape countless stallions and mares alike, each of whom would require three to six men to restrain so they don't kick your head off with one of their legs that can carry 250+ pounds at any given time. You can also dodge anything that comes out of a shotgun in bullet-time.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
Its pretty simple to understand, although it makes me sound like a misanthrope.

"People" are actually stupid.

Though I find lots of intelligent and charming individuals on the web and in real life the majority of people are pants on head retarded.

I would focus more on the people that don't judge you for you fetishes as that's a pretty good filter for sorting out the morons.

8 years ago
But I am autistic and a nudist and draw in MSPaint on weekends....
8 years ago
watch out rokkan ed will make an article and a motivational poster about you
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