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Revisionist History

I hereby make the threat to install as much of my art here as the site rules will allow.

However, It is one thing to look at the old works of mine and see what they are, or what they once were, and a complete other to expect them to translate digitally the same way.

It just doesn't happen with most of them, at least in my case, especially the older ones. All the filtering and editing will not make lines that have worn away show up all of a sudden. And that's why I stopped this project over at FA and haven't continued. I wanted, and still want, to upload things chronologically, which presents a problem by way of quality and other sorts of presentable natures. In order to do this, and still make these pictures something recognizable, I'm going to basically have to re-draw everything, from the beginning. In inks, once again in pencils, digitally, whatever.

Mind you, this isn't something for right now. I still have some digitizing to do to get my translated works up to the 100% I want so that I've got a comprehensive portable library of damn near everything I've ever done. The divisions I have the files in right now (on my local machine) will stay their own separate thing, even unto the end of this reorganization I'm doing. The sort of drawings that I do, and what they've been done with and on (Not that you can tell much, as I have very little posted here), has changed throughout the years. Once things are all sorted out, though, I will begin again and try and alternate in new work and posting of the old, to make sure both get done.

And to be sure, there are at least a thousand drawings from the years that I want to end up here and elsewhere, and they will all have a new life breathed into them since I want people to be able to tell what they are and perhaps like what they see.

So, why is this journal titled revisionist history? Well, the original intent of my little project was to show my works from the very beginning, and how horrible they started, to where I am now. It's not a thing of arrogance. I'm not saying "Ooh, Ooh, look at me! I'm SOOOO good, and look at how bad I was when I started." Certainly there are teeming thousands of other artists out there far superior to my modest skill set who started out in the same place as I did. I just wanted to be someone who showed that great gap from then till now, even though I know I have a long way to go yet.

But it turns out that the digital translations of those images are so poor as to look worse than they really are. So, the redrawing of everything will be a slight bit of dishonesty, drawing old pictures with new skills (At least to a certain point where they started scanning better because I had taken better care of them).

Eh, we shall see.

Anyway, tomorrow, I post a handful of good (though not great) pictures from the ages to bolster my gallery here a little bit
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