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Penleopee Orgy Comic Script

Well here it is and I'm not gonna lie, I had to change quite a bit to keep the price down. Apparently the artist was charging PER fetish, rather than a flat charge for fetishes as I had previous believed, specifically extreme fetishes, and you lot sure did pick a hand full of em. Anyway here's the script and here's my Paypal info:

To: Alerocdragon@yahoo.com
Personal Payment: Payment Due

ALSO no description, just your user name here. No one has done so yet, but I just thought I'd be cautious and all, what with the Paypal Nazi watching.

Penelopee (Herm Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=107397&p...
Kage (Male Cub/Adult) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7485250/ (no cub ref sorry)
Ankoku (Female Cub/Adult) & Tamashi (Herm Cub/Adult) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5927950/ https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=29502 (best cub ref I have, right of the green snake herm)
Sherly (Female Cub, usually) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/6908543/

Scotty (Male Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=35586 Confirmed
Tomoya (Male Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=214974 Confirmed
Kevin (Male Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=171780 Confirmed
Tailswisher (Herm Adult) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=207214 Confirmed
Nari (Female Cub/Adult) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=113126 https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=32374 Confirmed
Sky (Male Adult) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=31667 Confirmed
Little J (Male Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=213797 (missing antlers) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=143636 Confirmed
Jergin (Male Adult) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5127134/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7384447 Confirmed
Maverick (Male Cub) https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=31376 Confirmed

Cover Sheet: Title should read, Penelopee's First Birthday Scrapbook; cover art below should have Penelopee sitting behind a table with presents and a cake with a slice cut out, which she is eating with her hands, while Kage (adult) and Sherly (cub) stand behind their daughter watching her eat the cake, all with happy expressions on their faces.

Page 1, Panel 1: An open inivation reads,
You've been invited to Penelopee's First Birthday, please arrive promptly at Noon and don't forget to bring a present, something naughty of course.  Fun times will be had by all!
* Cake!
* Presents!
* Orgy!
Page 1, Panel 2: Kage (adult) and Sherly (cub) dressing Penelopee in her sundress.
Page 1, Panel 3: Answering the door to a group of guests, view of group outside with single large present.
Page 1, Panel 4: Penelopee blowing out candles.
Page 1, Panel 5: Penelopee opens present, with surprised look on face.

Page 2, Panel 1: Penelopee grabs an arm full of sex toys out of box and hugs them to her chest blushing as she wags her tail happily.
Page 2, Panel 2: Penelopee undresses.
Page 2, Panel 3: Penelopee presents herself like a bitch in heat would, on all fours, ass and pussy in the air toward the group, looking back over her shoulder, while she strokes her little dick.
Page 2, Panel 4: Kage (adult) then fucks Penelopee's pussy while Sherly (cub) rides her herm daughter's dick.
Page 2, Panel 5: Kage (adult) then fucks Sherly's (cub) pussy, and Sherly (cub) fucks Penelopee's pussy with a strap on, while Penelopee jerks herself off.

ScottyKat Solo Page 1, Penleopee and Sherly (cub)
Page 3, Panel 1: Penelopee and Scotty kissing and groping each other while Sherly (cub) strokes and licks their cocks.
Page 3, Panel 2:  Penelopee and Scotty double stuffing Sherly's (cub) cunt and filling her with cum.
Page 3, Panel 3: Penelopee and Scotty 69 eachother, deepthroating the other's cock while Sherly (cub) watches and leaks cum.
Page 3, Panel 4: Scotty takes Penelopee doggy style, while Sherly (cub) lays on her back underneath Penelopee, sucking on her herm daughter's dick, while she herself is still leaking cum.
Page 3, Panel 5: Penelopee pounding into Scotty's vagina while Sherly (cub) fists both their rears.

ScottyKat Solo Page 2, Ankoku (adult) and Tamashi (cub)
Page 4, Panel 1: Ankoku (adult), Tamashi (cub), and Scotty all eating eachother out.
Page 4, Panel 2: Ankoku (adult) teasing Tamashi (cub) and Scotty's vaginas with feathers, making then squirm and giggle.
Page 4, Panel 3: Ankoku (adult), Tamashi (cub), and Scotty each stuffed with toys up both their holes while they cum all over the toys and each other.
Page 4, Panel 4: Ankoku (adult) dominating Tamashi (cub) and Scotty playfully by making them wear vibrating cockrings with leashes.
Page 4, Panel 5: Ankoku (adult) standing over both Tamashi (cub) and Scotty, making them lick her pussy and rim her ass while she continues teasing them with the cockrings.

Blacktiger Solo Page 1
Page 5, Panel 1: Tomoya fucking Penelopee doggy style.
Page 5, Panel 2: Tomoya fucking Sherly (cub) up against a way, pinching one of her nipples, while holding a leg up and penetrating her vaginally from behind, while Sherly (cub) is dripping wet with a lewd expression of ecstasy.
Page 5, Panel 3: Tomoya and Kage (cub) double teaming Sherly (cub), front and back, while Tomoya nibbles on Kage's (cub) ear and wraps his tail around Kage's (cub) leg.
Page 5, Panel 4: Tomoya on his back with Penelopee riding his cock while Sherly (cub) rides Tomoya's face while getting eaten out, and in turn sucks on Penelopee's cock in a kind of 69+1 position.
Page 5, Panel 5: Ankoku and Tamashi in a position like this https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=209266 but kissing and jerking each other's cock off while Tomoya fingers both of their cunts.

Blacktiger Solo Page 2, Penleopee and Sherly (cub)
Page 6, Panel 1: Sherly (cub) and Penelopee in the same pose as above, but with Tomoya between them, all facing the camera as he holds his dick and Penleopee's while both girls kiss him on the cheeks.
Page 6, Panel 2: Sherly (cub) on her back with Penelopee fucks her cunt while, Toyoma fucks Penlopee's pussy from behind. Additionally, Sherly (cub) and Toyoma should be grinning perversely, while Penleopee should have a look of ecstacy.
Page 6, Panel 3: Tomoya fucks Penlopee in the reverse cowgirl position while Sherly (cub) sucks her cock while fingering herself.
Page 6, Panel 4: Penelopee lays on the ground having a break while Tomoya fucks Sherly (cub) this way https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=183935 .
Page 6, Panel 5: Penleopee and Sherly (cub) are relaxing with lewd expressions while leaking cum, while Tomoya relaxes next to them while cumming on his own stomache.

KevinSnopaw Solo Page 1
Page 7, Panel 1: Kevin fucking Penelopee while she's on her side with a leg up in the air that he's holding onto.
Page 7, Panel 2: Kevin taking Sherly (cub) missionary style.
Page 7, Panel 3: Kage (cub) cumming onto Kevin's face who has his mouth open and one eye closed while holding out one hand.
Page 7, Panel 4: Tamashi (adult) lying on her back and pulling Kevin down onto her cock, while he cums onto her stomache.
Page 7, Panel 5: Kevin is fucking Penelopee and jerking her dick off.

KevinSnopaw Solo Page 2
Page 8, Panel 1:  Kevin on his knees giving Penleopee a blow job and  playing with the base of her cock with his fingers while also fingering her pussy.
Page 8, Panel 2: Sherly (cub) riding Kevin cowgirl style
Page 8, Panel 3: Kevin rideing Kage's (cub) cock cowgirl style.
Page 8, Panel 4: Kevin suckling from Ankoku's (adult) breasts while humping into her.
Page 8, Panel 5: Pennelopee fucking Kevin in the ass.

ChakatTailswisher Solo Page, Penelopee and Sherly (cub)
Page 9, Panel 1: Standing on all fours Tailwisher enjoys having Penelopee and Sherly (cub) stroking and licking her 7.5in feline cock with a knot as it oozes a thin stream of precum onto the floor.
Page 9, Panel 2: On her side Tailwisher enjoys having Penelopee suck her cock, while making out with Sherly (cub).
Page 9, Panel 3: Still on her side, Penleopee and Sherly (cub) swith places with Sherly (cub) sucking Tailwisher's cock, and Penleopee making out witht he chakat.
Page 9, Panel 4: Now on her back, Tailwisher eats out Sherly (cub) as Penleopee rides her 7.5in feline cock, getting a womb full of semen in the process.
Page 9, Panel 5: Switching places once again, Tailwisher now eats out Penelopee while Sherly (cub) ride her 7.5in feline cock, getting a womb full of semen in the process.

NariFox Solo Page
Page 10, Panel 1: (Nari cub x Penleopee x Kage adult) Nari jerking off Penelopee while eating her out as well. If possible, some cum on Nari's hair/head, both very playful and openly naughty expressions. Nari would be wearing a pair of purple panties pulled to the side and a purple bow in her hair. Kage can be behind Nari having sex with her while holding her tail for support, dick poking out of a pair of boxers and wearing socks, lots of cum/fluids dripping from both ladies' bodies.
Page 10, Panel 2: (All Adult) Sherly laying back against Nari's breasts while Nari fucks Sherly with a strap-on in the ass, Kage comes in from the front to fuck her in the vag. Nari will also be fondling Sherly's biggest set of breasts, tweaking a nipple on one side and groping the other while biting playfully into Sherly's neck or ear, whichever is positionally easier. Lots of cum from Sherly, I'd also like her to be wearing a bra with the cups pulled down with Nari's hands reaching in/around the bra to get to her breasts.
Page 10, Panel 3: (Both adult) Nari is riding ontop of Kage while scratching seductively down his chest and biting her lip, he is in the process of cumming and so there's lots of cum/stickiness all down her thighs and around her vag/ass, one of his hands are gripping beneath a breast to support her leaning ontop of him and the other is squeezing her hip. Kage is shirtless but his dick is only coming out of the zipper opening of a pair of black slacks, he's got on socks if they're seen, also a watch, as if he were in business attire but partially undressed. Nari can be wearing a simple black dress hiked up to show her legs and ass, and the one shoulder strap can be down so that Kage can have access to a breast.
Page 10, Panel 4: (All cub) Both girls dressed in stockings, panties, and cute tank tops. Nari is ontop of Ankoku licking her cheek and they are laying in such a way that there is a vibrator between both girls' bodies, something along the lines of this but can be altered however works best: http://i41.tinypic.com/21c8meu.jpg Both girls' panties are obviously soaked through and both are blushing and definitely feeling the pleasure, and Kage is nearby enough to see him pulling his dick out of his pants and jerking off watching everything happening secretly.
Page 10, Panel 5: (Adult x Adult x Cub) Nari is scissoring Tamashi's slit while holding one of Tamashi's thighs up with one hand, the other hand is gripping her dick as it is ejaculating into Cub Sherly's mouth. Sherly is also sitting on Tamashi's face who is shoving her tongue 'and the tip of her muzzle' (not necessary, just a neat idea :P) inside Sherly's slit while Tamashi's hands are prying Sherly's ass apart and multi-fingering her ass. They can all be nude for this since I included clothing details in the other four panels. :P

XxSkyxX Solo Page
Page 11, Panel 1: Sky is fucking Penleopee's pussy in the reverse cowgirl position while Kage (cub) strokes and licks Sky's cock.
Page 11 Panel 2: Sky fucks  Sherly's (cub) pussy in the cowgirl position, while Ankoku (adult) makes out with Sherly (cub).
Page 11, Panel 3: Sky is face fucking Kage (cub) while Tamashi (adult) gives Sky a rim job.
*Page 11, Panel 4: Sky is anally fucking Ankoku (adult) in the doggy style position while she is 69ing with her herm sister Tamashi (adult).
Page 11, Panel 5: Sky is fucking Tamashi (adult) vaginally in the missionary position while Ankoku (adult) rides her herm sister's face.

Netreek Solo Page
Page 12, Panel 1: Little J fucks Penleopee's, putting a vibrator in her cunt, while he is standing and is lifting her up. Her hair and face are partly covered in cum.
Page 12, Panel 2: Tamashi (cub) lays on his back, while LIttle J fucks her and gets all her cum on his belly, while some of it also lands on her belly, chest and face. In both their tailholes is a doublesided dildo.
Page 12, Panel 3: Tamashi (cub) spits in J's mouth, while she rides his cock, squeezing his nipples and wears a sort of dominatrix outfit with her breasts exposed.
Page 12, Panel 4: Sherly (cub) getting deepthroatened by Little J, while she sits on a dildo.
Page 12, Panel 5: Penelopee covered and dripping in cum, Little J fisting her little pussy, dildofucking her ass, while he gets fucked in his ass by Tamashi, while cums into a big glass-mug that has penelopees name on it.

Transformer83 Solo Page
Page 13, Panel 1: Sherly (cub) facing away from Jergin with him pulling her by the arms onto his cocks going into her pussy and ass with the end of his tail going into her mouth while she drools around it, while Jergin eats out Penleopee.
Page 13, Panel2: Jergin wrapping his tail around Kage (kage) and pulling  him onto one of his cocks while Penelopee rides the other cock.
Page 13, Panel 3: Jergin doing  Tamashi (cub) in her pussy and ass with Ankoku (cub) licking at the sex fluids and stroking their members.
Page 13, Panel 4: Ankoku (cub) getting it in her ass and pussy from Jergin with Tamashi (cub) thrusting her cock into her sister's mouth.
Page 13, Panel 5: Sherly (cub) sucking on one of Jergin's cocks and jerking off the other cumming onto Kage (cub).

MaverickSkye + Transformer83 Shared Page
Page 14, Panel 1: Penelopee sitting in Maverick's lap while he fucks her ass and reaches around to finger her pussy and stroke her dick, while Jergin penetrates them both, filling Maverick's ass, and Penleopee's pussy.
Page 14, Panel 2: Maverick laying on his back while Sherly (cub) rides his dick with a bloated cum filled belly, while Jergin fucks Sherly's (cub) little mouth with both his cocks.
Page 14, Panel 3: Maverick and Kage (cub) both ride Jergin's cocks, while they both jerk eachother off.
Page 14, Panel 4: Ankoku (adult) giving Maverick head while fingering his ass, as Jergin fucks both of Ankoku's (adult) holes.
Page 14, Panel 5: Maverick riding Tamashi's (adult) cock, while she in turn rides Jergin's cocks and makes out with him.

MaverickSkye + Netreek Shared Page
Page 15, Panel 1: A fuck train with Little J at the front taking it from Maverick who is in the middle taking it from Penlopee who is in the rear.
Page 15, Panel 2: LIttle J on the bottom fucking Sherly's (cub) pussy, while Maverick is standing behind her fucking her in the ass.
Page 15, Panel 3: Kage (adult) getting his cock serviced by both Litle J and Maverick.
Page 15, Panel 4: Ankoku (cub) riding Maverick's cock while he's laying down, while Little J fucks her in the ass and gropes her tits from behind.
Page 15, Panel 5: Maveric sucking Tamashi's (cub) cock while on fours, while she rides Little J's cock.

XxSkyxX + Transformer83 Shared Page
Page 16, Panel 1: Both Sky and Jergin cumming onto Penelopee's face while she's on her knees with her mouth open and hand cupped in front of her to catch as much semen as possible.
Page 16, Panel 2: Sky and Jergin sharing Sherly's (cub) pussy, while Jergin also fills her ass with his other cock.
Page 16, panel 3: Jergin and Kage (adult) 69 one another, Kage (adult) sucking one of the Naga's cocks while jerking off the other as it cums onto his face, while Sky fucks Kage (adult) in the ass.
Page 16, panel 4: Sky fucking Ankoku's (adult) mouth while Jergin fucks both of her holes with his two cocks.
Page 16, panel 5: Sky fucking Tamashi (adult) in the ass, while she makes out with Jergin while he double stuffs her pussy.

XxSkyxX + Netreek Shared Page
Page 17, Panel 1: Penelopee sucking on the side of Sky's balls while she's fucked by Little J.
Page 17, Panel 2: Sky fucking Sherly's (cub) mouth while LIttle J fucks her in the cunt.
Page 17, Panel 3: Sky fucking Kage (cub) in the ass while Kage (cub) sucks on Little J's dick.
Page 17, Panel 4: Ankoku (adult) jerks off Sky's cock while Little J fucks her pussy.
Page 17, Panel 5: Sky cumming on Tamashi's (cub) face while Little J cums onto her pussy, bukake style.

Page 18, Panel 1: Picture of Sherly (cub) and Penleopee curled up together, covered with and leaking cum.
Page 18, Panel 2: Picture of Kage (cub), Ankoku (cub) and Tamashi (cub), all curled up together, covered and leaking cum.
Page 18, Panel 3: Picture of the guests celebrating normally.
Page 18, Panel 4: A close up on the untouched birtday cake that reads: Happy First Birthday Penlopee!
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Nice! I approve and payment sent!
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7 years ago
Sounds awesome! I'll be able to nab the money come monday to pay it off!
7 years ago
Ok, post again when you've sent and I'll confirm that it's arrived.
7 years ago
note me on how much i owe again? ITs been a while and i forgot XD
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Ok cool. i'll note you with the payment info after i get some sleep.
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Ok sent payment
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paid. and on the reference pic are the antlers missing. here you see them. https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=143636  the other was more color reference. :)
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7 years ago
Alright, I sent the payment. ^^
7 years ago
7 years ago
Payment sent!
7 years ago
Initials AB?
7 years ago
Yes, I put my IB name in the comments section also. :0
7 years ago
Well I didn't see it, but regardless, you're Confirmed
7 years ago
Okay thanks lol, sorry about possible confusion.
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