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More Medical Stuff

Beware, some stuff here that some people may consider TMI!

In my last journal I said my doctor, Dr. Whitt, didn't think I had an obstruction. However, when my, er, irregularities persisted, I saw him again. He still was doubtful I had an obstruction but scheduled me for a colonoscopy since he said I'd derive psychological benefit from it. I didn't really want to do it, but at the time time, in addition to being worried about blockage I was fearful of any ill side-effects from being backed up so much, so I consented to the procedure.

We did it today. Last night I had to drink this stuff to flush me out. It didn't taste back, but was so syrupy that downing so much of it made me so sick I was throwing up and crying. I took some anti-nausea medicine beforehand but it didn't seem to work. I downed a good bit of syrupy crap before I started puking my guts out. What I did drink worked, though. But I couldn't drink the rest and needed to be cleaned out some more. We called the clinic and the doctor on call (not Whitt) said to come in early for an enema instead. I did. I didn't like it very much and it was a bit humiliating. Also, the IV hurt like a motherfucker going into my arm.

For the colonoscopy they opted to knock me out. I wasn't crazy about going under, because I have a fear of it, but I didn't want to be conscious for a camera on a tube going up my ass, either. Fortunately, the anesthetic they used as gentle and I fell peacefully asleep in seconds. Not like the gradual unconsciousness I experienced when I had to be put out for tooth surgery a few years ago. Also unlike that experience, when I awoke, I didn't feel nauseated. I was groggy and had problems with my motor functions at first, but I did not get sick and throw up. I also was able to dress myself thankfully. Apparently I babbled about sci-fi novels and Jesus whilst coming back to consciousness.

Dr. Whitt delivered the very good news that I was totally clean. No obstructions, blockages, polyps or cancers or anything bad in my colon. Apparently, he says, I just have a naturally slow colon and need to exercise more, eat more fiber (something he told me not to do previously when he thought it was a blockage) and also make some dietary changes. Nothing huge or life-altering, just some minor adjustments to my lifestyle. It felt good to learn that despite having been backed up for so long, my colon was healthy.

After we left the clinic and started home, I started getting more and more aware of my surroundings. I quickly became two things: hungry and thirsty. These were solved by McDonald's. Not the healthiest foods I admit but I felt like I ought to spoil myself. Having consumed this back at home, and now fully back in control of my movements, I showered and then felt very, very tired and so took a nap. Then I woke up and decided to come here and write this journal. XD

Anyway, I seem to be okay. I'm a little sore and feel slightly bloated, but was assured this would pass. Again, sorry if this was all TMI, but I needed to write about it to get it off my chest.


Also, if you've read this far, please remember to be mindful of this person in need here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3262077
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
HUGS! Wow, both of us needed medical help fast. So glad you feel better, hon.
7 years ago
Thanks, sexy wolfy. :)
7 years ago
hay it's not TMI   it's good to let  people know about colonoscopy  i had it now 2 times  and they  say i was ok , i think a lot of people hear a bunch of bad stuff about colonoscopy s and get all upset for nothing  it don't hurt and for me the 2end time was very funny  when wakeing up and the nurs  tells me  you have to fart i was like you want  what :<   but i ended up doing it  and was fine the whole day , just glad to hear the same for you "hugs" :)
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