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slowly getting back on my feet

i know i've been quiet these last few weeks, and i'm sorry

but i really needed the time to myself

and to focus better on my therapy in the day clinic. (psychosomatic clinic)

i'm slowly coming out of my depressive episode and will contact my workplace early next week to see when and how i'll start working again
(it'll still be a couple weeks before that, though. i'm in the clinic for two more weeks, and then i'll see how well i feel. and /then/ i'll take the offer to do a vocational reintegration (which basically means i'll start working with only 2-3 hours and then move up from there))

i still have pretty bad issues with overall motivation and energy, but it's slowly getting better
i'm also applying to have my degree of disability upped, so i can apply to get a handicapped ID

i was in the ER twice in the last month, once for a supposed allergic reaction (i had a big facial oedema and once the swelling went away, i broke out in a bad rash, which luckily is getting better, too)
and once for heart arrhythmia. which was... a lot less funny.

i'm gonna have to have a second catheter ablation / heart catheter thingamabob done. which i....
really do not want to go through again.
the procedure itself is pretty safe and stuff, but man, the first time, 6 years ago, was hell, it lasted five hours and i swear i damn near have PTSD from that.

but, yeah, i had two arrhythmia "attacks" during my stay at the clinic, and my heart anxiety is rocketing through the roof.
hopefully getting it fixed will help easy my anxiety

yadda yadda.

i know i own you guys a ton of commissions, and i'll give my best to contact you guys within the next week to check if you still want them and stuff.
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Added: 7 months, 4 weeks ago
7 months, 3 weeks ago
Take care of yourself first and don't worry about other stuff.  Everything else comes second to your health and well-being.  You have friends here and we care about you.  We're sending good vibes your way so they can help you get better.
7 months, 3 weeks ago
Glad that your depression is coming down some, and I hope that you start to get better! No need to apologize when you're dealing with all this, just focus on getting better first!
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