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Commission Form


Submission Form:

Story Type: (As in, what are you wanting the story to entail. Example: Regular story, fantasy, action, sexual (female/female, male/female, shemale/???) xD Etc.

Characters involved: Please give me a description (As detailed as possible) of the character(s) that you want involved. Age, sex, personality quirks, detailed description, etc.

Plot idea: What do you want the story to be about. Again, be as detailed as possible, because I will take liberties with the things that you don't detail me on.

Special requests: If you want something specific to happen within the story, please let me know that. Pretty much... tell me your kinks here, I will make sure to include them.

Story Length: Be aware that the longer you want the story to be, the higher the price is going to rise. But I will make sure to accommodate any length that you want. (-winkwink-) Be aware, however, that you will have to allow completion time based upon story length. Please make sure that you purchase enough words to fit everything that you want into your story. I don't want to cut details out because you paid me for 3000 words and gave me the details of a 6000 word story.

Overall Tone: While I am willing to write any type of story that you want, whether it be sweet, or overtly raunchy... I still need to know the tone. Do you want the harsher language? Something soft? Abusive, rough, gentle... I am here to deliver exactly what you want, but I can only do that if you describe it to me!

Would You Like To Remain Anonymous When Your Commission Is Posted?

Extra Notes: If you think that there is anything else that I need to know, just tell me here! You can either submit this to my comments or my messages! Wherever you feel comfortable!
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