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Just a flat

life is good... ain't it so?
IT was a lovely morning. Friday. finally the end of the business week. but legal paper work still had to be carried onward. An error had been found in the insurance department and had to be looked on. Without hesitation the trip was decided. the car was ready. the road was as unforgiving as usual but alas! progress was being made. The Highway was a stone throw away But disaster struck The front tire did its best against the monstrous mouth on the pavement. But little could it be achieved and succumbed to its sharp deathly teeth. the rear tire followed and fought the sharp abrupt battle of its existence successfully, but sadly deadly wounded. Once pulled over to asses damages It was clear the spare would see the sun. But again trouble arose when the security lug nut key was not found. Despite a frustrated raccoon explaining on the phone of it's precise location.

Thankfully a Good man drove by on his Tow truck that Oh thank Lord it so happened to Be RIGHT THERE for some DEFINITELY unknown reasons. and Offered to change it. He pulled out a socket wrench. hammered a fitting socket in the lug and removed it with ease... and thus the spare was changed in exchange of a small reward.

Soon enough the fiscal building was reached, and documentation checked. Just to realize they had left vital documents at home...

And thus the raccoon Continues to loose his shit over dare I say "silly incompetence"


I am so fed up with this crap... busted a tire and the other is pregnant. GREAT. guess who'll have to deal with that shit... and now I know my security lugs secure squat shit
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Added: 8 months, 4 weeks ago
8 months, 4 weeks ago
you have all the luck dont you?
8 months, 3 weeks ago
Damn, sorry to hear that.  At least you weren't hurt.
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Fuck them damn keyed lugnuts. I had to resort to the same tactic to remove four of them from a Taurus.
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Mhm. Sadly now I know how little they actually protect.  But they are worse with people who choose not to listen.
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Well, to be fair, I don't know how ineffective they would be. It took a few minutes to get each one off and made a shit ton of noise in the process, so only a determined thief would go through the trouble.
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