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Busy Days

I've been really busy for the past two weeks again. It's been kinda nice being busy being able to be productive for once at my own house (though not so much art-wise unfortunately). Me and my dad have been doing a lot of preparatory work for a vegetable garden we are going to plant a little later in the spring. It's going to be around 40ft by 40ft square plot and I've even got out some graph paper to make a little blueprint of it and what is going to be planted where. My dad still hasn't fixed his truck yet, which we will definitely need and soon, but I've finally convinced him to take it to a local mechanic to have it fixed. I think the final nail in the coffin for that was when my dad finally attempted to fix the truck himself and lo and behold, he couldn't just like I knew he wouldn't be able to.

I think I got my sister's kid hooked on My Little Pony now. I was watching him for a few hours a couple of days ago and he's getting to that age where they have boundless energy and getting into trouble left and right. I sat him down and turned on the TV. Normally, my sister ends up having Noggin playing on all day and it got to the point when she was living here that I could predict exactly what commercial or 30 second mini-show would be appearing next. Ugh, too much Yo Gabba Gabba too. Anyway, I have satellite TV out here at my house and I have a DVR that I have just about every My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode recorded. So when my nephew started acting up I sat him down and turned on some ponies. For the next several hours, he sat still and was completely enthralled by the ponies, especially the antics of Pinkie Pie. When my sister came back, she couldn't believe that my nephew behaved himself for so long because of My Little Ponies. Yeah, I think I turned my little nephew into a brony.

Sometime this spring, it's definitely looking like me and my dad are going to go and fix the bathroom floor. We got another hole in it since last time I mentioned it journal-wise. It's not quite to the point of being dangerous to use the toilet but it won't be long now that someone's foot will end up going through the floor into the basement (hopefully not their whole self). This project will probably be a lot of work on top of everything else but there isn't much of a choice of taking it on or not.

I managed to get back my dad's riding lawnmower from my 2nd eldest brother a few days ago. He borrowed it around last August and busted it. Him and his friends said they would fix it but with me and my dad really needing it now we had to have it back so we could fix it. We spent a day fixing it and spent about $100 in buying new parts for it. We found that they had replaced an engine belt with a car belt but that the riding mower needed new pins and desperately needed a new blade. The blade was bent at a near 90 degree angle when it should be a flat 180. I don't know how they busted it that bad and I don't think I really want to know (maybe running over a giant boulder?) but it's good to have it up and running again.
Everyday it's been something new that I've been able to take care of. For the first time in all my life living here, everyday has been productive in one way or another. Sure, it's been a lot of work but me and my dad have been making excellent progress taking care of business. With all my siblings moved out, and none of them seem to have any intention of moving back, it's been peaceful here and nobody or their drama or antics is really getting in the way much of work.

I even managed to find a few job openings and get a few applications sent out this week. I haven't heard back on any of them yet but it's only been a day or two.

I have managed to get a little bit of art done but not much. I've been so busy with more manual labor style work that I haven't had the time nor energy for much art. I did get two character concepts drawn up for two Aspen Village town guards, Tubbs and Adonis, penciled up a few days ago. I also found an old sketch I did some years ago while cleaning up the house but that's about it art wise.

I've talked with Professor Awesome a few times over the phone and we've done a little bit of Demordicai Diamonds story work and work on the magic system mainly focusing on auras and more simple arcane phenomena and processes. I still haven't managed to get in any Demordicai Diamonds comic work done unfortunately.

I don't know when I'll be able to get in some more artwork on a consistent basis. I'm probably going to be busy for at least a few more days, possibly another week or so, with all the projects my dad has planned. Maybe if I can catch a break sometime I might be able to get in some more artwork and head to Professor Awesome's house for scanning and uploading.

That's about it for this journal. It's been a while and I haven't been very active at all on-line so I thought it was about time I take a moment out of my day and type something up.
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