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Weekly Schedule Time (9/10)

Announcements and Business
We’re doing good!  Let’s keep this rolling if we can!  Lots to do, but that’s okay!


(9/10) New Wallpaper and Monthly Votes on Patreon!

For those of you who patron me, I’ve got new votes up for you! <3

For those of you who don’t, if you want to participate in the voting and see other side bits and sketches and scraps and stuff, it’s only as little as $1 a month! o.o!  It really helps me out and you get to participate in fun little things now again.

I really do appreciate it. n.n


(9/3) Halloween ‘18 In Progress!

Hey everyone!  Right now we’re currently offering my annual Halloween sketch commissions! They’re $18 each, with color, and you can click that link if you need more information!

As usual, the commissions must be Halloween themed, either in a costume or as some sort of monster creature or with spooky accouterments.

I’ll be running streams on Fridays for these, kind of like the old Sketch on the Spot stuff, up until the last few weeks, in which I’ll be doing these exclusively until after Halloween.  This year’s goal is one hundred of these bad boys!  So wish me luck~!


(8/6) Various Happenings ... updating sporadically, again! (D’oh!)

So yeah, I jumped the gun a little bit.  Rent busted us and we need money for groceries and that kind of thing, so my paid work is going to come first.  I have to make my clients happy and as much as I love the comic, it takes a back seat to keeping the bills paid.  It makes me sad, but for now, I’m going to have to work on it slowly and just post it when I have a page finished.  So I’ll do it when I can.

But, if you haven’t read it in a while or haven’t caught up...

> Go check it out! <

And if you like it, go vote for us over at TWC!

And if you really want to support us, you can help us out over at Patreon or just chip in over at Ko-Fi!

I appreciate the support, and the patience.  Thank you.


Onto the list…!

Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items
After Dragons - Fernin [INV-281]
Raising A Barn (AJ + Spike)


Eclair Stuff! - Eclair [INV-295 & 317]
Eclair + Mochi Wobbles!


Reiku & Paige - Reiku [INV-298]
Pt. 1
In Progress!
Pt. 2
In Progress!

Bodywork - Razor Breeze [INV-299]
Not Started

Kayce and Eri - Mad Coil [INV-301]
In Progress!

Shadefox and Yuki - Shadesfox [INV-302]
Not Started

Arty and Spooky - Artemis [INV-305]
Not Started

Kelsey! - Jon [INV-306]
Not Started

Character Sheet: Aubrey - Azure Dreamer [INV-308]
Not Started

Spooky’s Castle - October Wallpaper (Patreon)
Not Started

The Adventures of Space Vixens XIV [Josephine Lee Harris] (Patreon)
Not Started

Able! - Able [INV-309]
Not Started

Funstuffing - Hunter [INV-312]
Not Started!

Funbois 2 - Hunter [INV-313]
Not Started!

Spooky Hunter! - Hunter [INV-314]
Not started

Stripper Nuns! (Patreon)
Not started

Wicker Worgen - Nevvy [INV-315]
Not started

TBA - CuriousGarchomp [INV-316]
Not started.

Conscript Stream: Chacumera (1hr) [INV-318]
Not scheduled yet.

Midnight Snack! - Drillkiller [INV-319 to 321]
Page 1
Not started.
Page 2
Not started.
Page 3
Not started

Conscript Stream - MZ [INV-322]
Scheduled for 9/28

Flyin’ Possum - Kith [INV-323]
Not started.

Overstuffed (Pt.2) - Wuffbutt [INV-324]
Not started.

Foxlike Snuggles - Shaze [INV-325]
Not started.

Snaketime - Iron Confederate [INV-326]
Not started.

Deer Fence [Vixen Whitetail] (Patreon)
Not Started

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)
Blocking & Sketching completed.  On hold for October.

JWhoof Stuff (Patreon)
Not Started Yet. Need info.

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!


To Do List

- Halloween ‘18 Ad
- Sweep folders for not-uploaded pieces from 2018
- Update the Hall of Friends!
- Update Ledger
- Update FSS Site
-- Make sections for each commission type
--- Wobble Site Section
--- Portraits Site Section
--- Character Sheet Site Section
- Compile all of Obsidian’s past commissions
- Finish Wallpaper for September
- Finish Patreon Pieces (2 Pieces)
- Update Patreon Banner
- Finish Blocking Out VH Ch.5
- Clear out all of my inboxes (Tumblr/dA/IB/E-mail)
- Max out my tumblr queue
- Finish Queen Spooky Character Sheet
- Update Secret Gallery
- Create VH Cast Page(?)
- Spooky’s Castle Update(?)

And then, as for the schedule...

Weekly Schedule [9/10]

Monday (9/10)
Posting and Administravia
Household Chores

Tuesday (9/11)
STREAM (10PM ~ 4AM EDT): #298 - Finishing Sketchlines
#299 - Sketching and Lineart

Wednesday (9/12)
STREAM (8PM ~ 4AM EDT): #301 - Lineart and Color
#299 - Lineart and Color
#302 - Sketching

Thursday (9/13)
Patreon - The Adventures of Space Vixens XIV

Friday (9/14)
STREAM (8PM ~ 4AM EDT): HALLOWEEN ‘18 Stream (+ Leftovers)

Saturday (9/15)
Day Off

Sunday (9/16)

And that’s what we’ve got for this week.

Milestones & Highlights!

Let’s see how things are going!

As of right now:

Tumblr: 2719 Followers
deviantart: 468 Watchers & 34.4k Pageviews!
Inkbunny: 772 Watchers & 139k Pageviews!
FurAffinity: 1128 Watchers & 25.2k Pageviews!
Patreon: 23 Patrons - $107/month
Comic Website: 430 Unique Views Per Week (Average)
Tapas: 83 Subscribers / 12.5k+ Views!

That’s a lot of numbers!  

I’ve been mulling over things for the comic, some supplemental stuff I’d like to show you all if I have time to noodle around with it.  I’ve been messing with Clip Studio and I might start producing the comic with it.  It’ll take a while to get TO it with everything I’ve got to do with the Halloween stuff and my regular commissions, but I’m going to be knocking those off at a quick pace, I hope, so we’ll get back to Eddie and Cass soon enough!  I personally can’t wait.

As for the Halloween sketches, we’ve still got PLENTY of room, so if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to ask. :3

As always, if you want to ask me questions about my work, feel free to e-mail me at sali(at)foxsaliant.com or pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out or see stuff that I can’t quite show off yet, feel free to visit my Patreon and contribute!  If you just want to help, check out my website over at Foxsaliant.com for general info and donation links!  I set up Ko-Fi for those of you who are still skittish about Patreon but want to toss something my way anyway, so if that appeals to you, go ahead and throw something over there!

Thanks for making this all happen, guys.  I couldn’t do it without you.  Having a ton of work to do is way better than no one caring and being SOL.

The weather’s nice now, but it’s cold in here because my dog was sick and he was hot all the time.  Poor guy.  He seems to be doing better lately and we were able to get him and the cat some proper flea medication, so that’s another thing off the list!  Things are turning up nicely, it seems.

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see you next week!


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