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You Don't Know Jack: The Loud Herd

Hey, Cookie again. First off,
and I would like to wish the rest of you guys a happy 4th of July, and, uh, careful with those fireworks, eh?

Now then, I've got another question for ya. It's called, "The Loud Herd."

Let's say that the Loud family of Nick's "Loud House" are elephants instead of human beings. Elephants are known to be social creatures that live in abundant herds.

Elephant babies, or calves, stick with their moms for a very long time, just how long depends on whether the calf is male or female.

As Lincoln is the only son in an otherwise all-daughter family, which of these will ElephantCalf!Lincoln do after he becomes a bull (fully-grown male elephant)?

→ He sticks with the herd for life
→ He leaves and forms his own herd
→ He donates himself to the zoo
→ He becomes an anti-poaching activist
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Added: 11 months, 2 weeks ago
11 months, 2 weeks ago
[jtlander selects "He leaves and forms his own herd"]

[Cookie] Female elephants, known as cows, stay with the herd for life, whilst bulls depart upon reaching adulthood to form a separate herd, which rarely crosses paths with a female herd except during mating season.

*cha-ching* "$5,200"

With all that trunk-trumpeting, no wonder that show's called "The Loud House."
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