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Only Sluts use Contraceptives

Only Sluts use Contraception

According to Rush Limbaugh, this woman who testified about the need for Contraception to be covered by Healthcare plans is nothing more than a SLUT and a WHORE.
He apparently thinks she wants taxpayer money to pay for Contraception, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE.

Of course Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than an over-exaggoritive asshat who seems to think that were all sluts and whores then.

He is against Womens equil rights, BLACK equil rights, and equil rights in general.

First off:
The call is to require all who offer health insurance to cover Contraception, NOT USE ANY TAXPAYER MONEY to cover it.

Mr. Limbaugh apparently FAILS to see that point, along with some other interesting points:
Several states that offer their own healthcare options COVER male enhancement pills like Viagra.
However, they DO NOT cover any Contraceptives!!!

Some interesting points here:
There is ZERO proof that any male enhancement products, prescription or otherwise, are actually effective in any why.
Not to mention that all male enhancement products are designed only for the sole reason to allow MEN to HAVE SEX.

However, Contraceptives have been PROVEN effective not only to prevent pregnancy, but also have aided in a WIDE ARRAY of health issues sorrounding a the gential area of women.
My own mother MUST TAKE contraceptives TO STAY ALIVE from some congential disorder she has.  (She has zero STDs and only slept with my father.)

So, why are we - as taxpayers - paying MEN to be able to have sex when GOD had already decided to make their junk stop working??
(Which could also be a sign of HEART ISSUES)

While not protecting our women, the founders who RAISED us, from various disorders that can be controlled by Contraception??

Why should we not require all health insurance providers from covering any and all PROVEN prescription drugs, expecially since many will gladly cover UNPROVEN "Herbal Suppliments"??

It would not be us, taxpayers, paying to let her have sex.  Besides, if she really were a whore, she would be able to afford her own Contraceptives.

We need to demand that assholes like Rush and many of the dumbfucks on Fox "News" be taken off the air by enforcing FALSE ACCUSATIONS that ruin lives and plans.

If it weren't for Fox News, we would never have had a Healthcare Reform that REQUIRES us to buy into healthcare or face a fine.  

Hell, from what I saw:
Obama's Original plan -sad as this may sound- was literally nothing more than:
A new set of rules Insurance Providers must follow - which made healthcare easier and more accessible to all Americans
A public option that would COMPETE with private insurers - which meant the Open Market infrasructure of the US would drive down insurance rates.
Obama didn't care if the public option would be paid for by taxpayer money or by those who buy into it - therefore, it may have been REduced Rate and/or Free - if certian qualifications were met.
Therefore, the Public Option may have had rate plans based on our own incomes...


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