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Kitty Spout: Not Safe To Read Rant of "I Hate__________"

A little addition amongst my Rants, Rambles, and Updates.  The meaning behind my spouts are little trivial peeves that really shouldn't bug me.  However, should it keep repeating for a very long period of time, I am about to say something about it quick and brief with no remorse. But in a respectful trade, no names will be mentioned.

This is about how completely closed-minded people can be simply because they dispise something.  Now it's understandable to say and post "I hate ________" or "________ must die in a fire and never return" in your section. It's your page, you have every right. But to mention it virtually everyday is just plain out annoying.  Yes, we get it! You hate cubs. You hate babyfurs.  You hate Sonic. You hate ponies and the fucking porn that goes with all four things.  But for fuck's sake don't go bitching about it like it's your 9-5 job.  Or even worse being a fucking hypocrite about it. "I would love the stunning detail and sexual hotness if ponies wasn't in it." BULLSHIT! It's one thing to say it on your section. But saying it on someone else's artwork is totally different. Way to show respect for the artists you fucking idiot. If you hate them so god damn much either A) Keep it to yourself B) Add those sick, basic drawing, underaged, flash using pieces of shit art on your fucking block list, or C) GYFAOOTS!  Extra credit for the ones who can get the acronym and even more if you're actually going to do it!  Save your constant bitching for FA, because I'm only royally bitching about this once.

This peeve has been going on for months on end. Should anyone get so butt hurt over something that has to be mentioned after so long, get yourself ten dollars, go to the local gas station and buy a pair of black sunglasses so you can deal with it because guess what?  They won't die any time soon.

This is Frostcat cooling off.

.......oh, and please think before going off on a tangent.  This is not about just one person.  This is a collective of people that fall into this subject and actually do such acts.  
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
Good rant xD And I wonder what is this acronym :o

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