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I Just Finished Amorous

Wow... holy shit. I'm in love with this game.

I literally just finished this game after 10 hours of an all-nighter.

I started my game at around 23:00 and right now it's 09:07.

I just finished every single storyline in the game, and I had NSFW enabled too, so I took some "detours" in between storylines, lol.

The game plays very similar to those flash files on e621 where you meet and fuck people in clubs, but those games are straight to the point. Amorous isn't essentially a "porn" game until you get to know the characters and you earn their respect. It also features artwork by the amazing Kaiber, and it also has a good soundtrack, as it incorporates dating sim elements and visual novel elements into itself. There is a wide range of characters (nine-ish? I would have to count them all).

Did I mention a custom fursona maker in the game that you get to play as when you make your fursona?

There are also unlockable mini-games, like a shooting range mini-game to impress one of your dates, and also a cooking mini-game to also impress one of your dates.

The Steam version of the game does not support NSFW, but by adding a simple file by renaming a blank text file in the common apps folder, you can enable the NSFW option, which enables unlockable nudes, all the glorious sex scenes done by Kaiber, which are really fucking hot (especially the female scenes :-p), and it unlocks the ability to have NPCs go topless or bottomless, which I highly recommend for idle fapping until the payload (unlockable sex scene).

Every character you play has unique personalities which are deep, and don't rely on stereotypes. It is rather archetypal, with the dominant lion character being obviously dominant in both appearance and personality and et cetera.

My favorite character in the game is literally Seth because he's that nerdy book-writer that I relate to alot, since I'm also a book-writer who's nerdy, lol. He's always unsure of himself, and not confident of his choices, with is something I struggle with everyday. I personally feel that the ending to Seth's storyline is the most beautiful and inspiring ending in the whole game.

However, for being such a beautiful and well-written game, the game has REALLY bad flaws, that are so huge that you can't overlook them.

My biggest complaints with this game is what Shirokoi managed to do with his Visual Novel (Repeat; I'm a HUGE, HUGE Repeat fan), which is to hide the text prompts. It's kinda annoying when you have the NSFW cheats enabled (specifically topless/bottomless modes), and you can't enjoy it because everyone's nether-regions are blocked out by translucent text boxes.

My second biggest complaint is time management. The game is mostly played via a UI on a virtual smartphone, and that's how you setup dates, which is extremely cleaver, and awesome. However, when setting up dates through the phone, the person you are dating gives you a completely irrelevant time slot to be there or be square, lol. This broken time management concept makes the game less interesting and not as fun as it should be. I imagine a time management system like Persona 3 to be efficient in this case, and what should have been implemented.

My third biggest complaint is the DJ and all the non-selectable characters in the Club where you meet everyone to initiate dates. No, you can't have sex with/date the DJ, nor most of the characters on the screen when you visit the club. I completely understand that Kaiber is one man and can't be a factory for producing a bunch of animations en masse, but knowing that the game is 3 years old, you would expect more characters to be included on the "route list". Because of that, I was bummed out completely when I first discovered this, because there are lots of really attractive non-playable characters in the Club; the DJ and bouncer being two of them (although the bouncer is interactive, but he just tells you flat out "no", lol. Bummer). Also, that character in the pool area that is staring at someone taking a shower, and the guy in the pool who already has two ladies caressing him suggestively. MURR.

My final complaint is the brother character (not blood related). You can unlock him for purely sexual reasons, but only once, and it unlocks one sex scene with him total. This frustrates me because of the fact that the brother and the main character share a room, and if you do unlock this particular sex scene, it is established that there is no more sexual tension between the two characters, hence why the sex scene unlocks. Yes, while chasing after other dates, he does come on to the main character. What bothers me is that for all the other times that the brother character has made sexual advances, we don't get shit.

What do I mean by that? Well, half of the time, the main character says flat out "No", because he's busy (which makes sense) or just not in the mood. The other half of the time, It is clearly stated that the main character wants to have sex with the brother character, and there are no sex scenes when this happens. The fact that the main character agreed to it multiple times, and there is only one sex scene with this character really upsets me #Cockblocked

Also, the player doesn't get a choice to say yes or no to having sex with the brother character after the initial yes/no has been conceived. It's always at the game plot's disposal when yes/no is delivered.

It is a flawed game, yes, very much so, but I have reaped 10 hours of it in the dead of the night, and I thought that this game is groundbreaking in it's dating mechanics, and it's visual style that all 2D animated furry porn lovers (like myself) will recognize and enjoy in a new light.

I highly recommend this game to any furry gamers, especially naughty ones like me, who want good storylines, fantastic porn, good character development, good art, good music, and good gameplay.
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10 months, 3 weeks ago
What's Amorous, hon?
10 months, 1 week ago
NSFW furry dating sim with art by Jasonafex and music by Mittsies.
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