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Today's Story.  The Radiator.


Nothing actually interesting. I just wanted to write something for a change.

I have a Van. Actually the family has a van. I got nothing but problems. We now have two cars. the van being almost 20 years old. gives the most problems as its expected for an older car. especially one rejected by several owners who just ... had the thing in the sun.

So its old and still runs. Needs a transmission Harness that I can't get anywhere from but the states. as well at the super comfy pneumatic suspension but who needs that. It more fun this way. like ridding a bouncy castle!
Despite many efforts to invest as little as possible in the vehicle. I cleverly forced them to have the thing. properly set up for the road. You Know. the thing any sensible responsible human would do. And Oh baby did she need that tender love and fingering.... Poor thing was running on gas and water. Changed all fluids. all filters. I even got the cabin filter, which seemed like a cat gave birth on it at some point... Got me some Maguiars water spot remover. HOLY SHIT THING DOES WONDERS. Also got the proper coolant to get rid of the muddy coffee that it had for coolant. gave the rims some paint to cover the fugly steelies and got rid off those disgusting fake wheel covers. Had to get new headlights Old ones were just too far gone. New bulbs, several sockets. and even some LED lights to help increase visibility on the old tail lights.

And now I feel comfortable driving the thing. I tell ya after driving my sisters lil Micra, the van feels like a bus! with all the majestic body roll you can expect from the lack of shock absorbers.

We already taken the thing cross country. driven it for hours on end. and the Old girl regained most of her forgotten glory.

And then one gorgeous Saturday. coolant began leaking. More than usual, It was usually a little. But Alas! she could hold her hot juices no more. she spilled her sweet nectar on the street. I though I could just giver her some love. carefully stuck my hand in the tight places, cleaning the old crust and dirt. and epoxy the thing here and there the best I could given the tiny room I had. But It was to no avail.

Sadly We lost the radiator. I brought my lamp. gloves and tools. Surgery began. carefully and slowly I pulled up the harnesses, unbolted many parts. and all in all it was a bit of a hazzle to get to my goal. I tested it with water. But epoxy could only do so much. I had a new one delivered. It fitted nicely. But the Oil hoses gave up a fight. Oh no... did I find a new issue. Radiator was all tight but now the tranny hoses leaked Oil! A great misfortune. The coon found a wall he could not climb...

Gave them a twist. they had play on the end. fiddled with it. until I found a spot where they barely leaked. I though on taking the hoses Off and putting normal hose clamps. But I could not raise the vehicle enough. Nor did I want to get down the behemoth that car is. Fed Up. frustrated and with now sore shoulders. I am doing my natural thing in the porcelain throne thinking....

-Daniel. what is the laziest possible way you could fix than thing?
And from inside my head a voice came. I think it was Clara... I cant tell...
"Epoxy that shite Dumbass!"

If if works it works! else back to the drawing board.

I could almost feel the heat form the imaginary light bulb lighting and burning out on top my head. Headed down. cleaned the hoses and got to work. And just like that. The laziest way was successful.

Now I need to change the master cylinder. But I have a new appreciation to what mechanics do and put up with.
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Added: 12 months ago
12 months ago
Uh...Teflon tape would actually have done quite well.

Also, be careful with the fittings on the master cylinder.  You might want to soak them with PB Blaster for a few days, sometimes the lines freeze inside the barrels, and if you cross thread them when putting them back in, no amount of tape or epoxy will stand up to the pressure the lines have to handle.

If they don't go in easy, don't force them, and if you feel yourself getting frustrated, walk away.  You'd be surprised how much easier a five minute break will make a repair job!
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