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Just had this fucked up imagination of a Pokemon Trainer sticking a Pokeball up their works, something like the size of Charizard inside, and then somehow managing to press the button to release him while inside, tearing outa the Trainers works, outa the belly.
Could just make a Pokemon sticking the Pokeball up it's anus too.
Pokeball still laying in what's left of the character's intestines... laying opened, of course.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
I thought I was weird for fantasizing about an overcharged pichu struggling to keep static in.
6 years, 11 months ago
I'm a Horror writer too, so crazy ideas come to mind sometimes easily.
Teddy Bear always cums on his victims as he kills them.

(“Ahhh! Oh-my-god, you are alive!”
Said Stephanie, as she fell off the sofa, unsure she was even sane. Teddy
grabbed the needle from her arm, then jabbed it into her left eyeball.
Teddy was sitting on her chest, as he’d thought she’d be dead after
nearly hitting her pupal almost directly.
“God damn it, you're not dead!”
Said Teddy, as he grabbed the needle out, pulling her eye along with it.
Vanes and arteries still hanging from it, like a sick joke for a meatball
with spaghetti hanging from it. Only, the pieces hanging from her
eyeball had a mixture of blue and red hanging from it. Teddy grabbed
at another readied needle, and proceeded to jab it into her other eyeball.
“Oh my god no! “
Stephanie screamed, as Teddy shoved the needle into her right eyeball,
then yanked it out, and then threw it on the floor. As he sat on her, looking at what he’d done, he felt his body coming to life down there, as he watched her eye sockets bleeding. He soon left his white stuff go, all
over where her eyes use to be.
“Oh god that felt good. It’s been too long. “ Said Teddy, as he got off her dead body, then peed a bladder he’d been holding. Then he began making his way out of her front livingroom. He turned back, for just one
last thing to say, as if she’d hear it anyway.
“Teddy’s Back! And you were great miss.”)

horrible story telling, as Teddy kills where-ever he feels fit.
these ideas can come to me pretty quickly. including a death by 150 Lb test Fishing Line.
6 years, 11 months ago
x3 no biggie.
6 years, 11 months ago
I am still considering lengthening this section a little further yet too, as Teddy might just piss first before cumming.
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