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Status Update

Sorry I haven't been too active here as of late (or over on FurAffinity either). I've been running around trying to find a job that's going to give me more than 4 hours a week. Those massive school loans can't pay themselves, unfortunately, so I've been working on commissions in between looking for a new job and general wallowing.

At the moment, I'm sorting through and backing up art files, as my computer has been a bit... wonky lately. A few minor hardware failures (mostly peripherals I can't particularly afford to replace at the moment) and general system instability. Nothing I can't handle, but still an annoyance when things are already pretty stressful. My wacom tablet is half dead, and my mouse keeps flickering out on me, which makes drawing a pain in the ass.

I've been moving slower on commissions than I would like, but it's a sad fact that I do not live by myself and rather not risk getting kicked out because someone found me drawing cute little pokemon performing bondage ballet. Despite not having to be at work as often, it's been hard getting alone-time to work on commissions. Oh, they will get done, I just wish it was faster. Sometimes I envy how other artists can color so quickly. Sketching is easy enough, inking is tedious... but the damn backgrounds take hours and hours.

Well, enough rambling for the moment, I need to go and clean before the piles of socks gain sentience... again. I don't want to have to get the flamethrower out this time. It made such a mess.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
I feel your pain.  Coloring takes forever!
7 years ago
I wish you luck with your search.

(I tend to have the "biggest" problem with applying flat colors. It is tedious to fill out all the little areas. ^^)
7 years ago
Have a lucky with it...We still can wait your next arts ^^
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