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Saw on FA ( aerosocks journal), copied like always do :)

Name: Pacifico
Single or taken: Single
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 9th
Sign: Taurus
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: Amber
Height: 5'11
Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Bi
 • × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •
Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes?: Target
Favorite designer?: Dunno
What is your sexiest outfit?: The suit I wore for prom. A light lavender dress shirt, with a black vest, and black slacks
What is your most comfortable outfit? Loose tshirt, and gym shorts from high school
What do you usually wear?: T-shirt, shorts, zip-up sweater grey sweater, flip flops
• × • S P E C I F I C S • × •
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Axe
What are you listening to right now: Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy
 Who is the last person that called you?: My friend Hephy, to show her a picture I'm working on
 How many buddies are online right now?: Not many
 • × • F A V O R I T E S • × •
Foods: Italian
Girls names: Dunno
Boys names: Not entirely sure
Subjects in school: History
• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •
Given anyone a bath?: Nope
Smoked?: Can't
Bungee jumped?: Hell No
Made yourself throw up?: Yup
Skinny dipped?: No
Ever been in love?: A few times
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: Yup
Pictured your crush naked?: Hell yeah
Actually seen your crush naked?: Yup
Cried when someone died?: Don't think so
Lied: All the time
Fallen for your best friend?: Yup
Rejected someone?: Not that I remember.
Used someone?: Never
Done something you regret?: Yeah
• × • C U R R E N T • × •
Clothes: Goofy t-shirt, swim trunks
Music: everything
Smell: Nothing
Desktop picture: a picture by Blotch
Cd in player: Nothing
DVD in player: Newsies
• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • ו
You touched: My mom
Hugged: Mom
You IMed: Meruangel90
You yelled at: My little bro
You kissed: don't remember
• × • A R E | Y O U • × •
Understanding: I try to be
Open-minded: Totally (or at least I try to be)
Arrogant: Always
Insecure: Yup
Random: Squirell
Hungry: Not Really
Smart: Sometimes
Moody: If I don't eat
Hard working: Sometimes
Organized: In my own way
Healthy: Sometimes
Shy: Yup
Difficult: I can be
Bored easily: Yup
Obsessed: I used to be really obsessive
Angry: Only on bad days
Sad: A lot of the time
Happy: Quite a bit in the last month
Hyper: Never *cough*
Trusting: Yeah
• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • × •
Kill?: Nobody right now
Slap?: My little brother
Get really wasted with?: Don't like to get wasted
Get high with: Don't like that either
Talk to offline: My friend Hephy and Meruangel90
Talk to online: A few more people
Sex it up with: Rather not say
 • × • R A N D O M • × •
In the morning I: Pray that I don't have school
Love is: Beautiful, powerful and something I strive for
Sexual preference: I go either way
What do you notice first in the sex you're into: Personality
 • × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • ×
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
 Flowers or candy: Candy
 Tall or short: Taller for guys, shorter for gals
 • × • W H O • × •
Makes you laugh the most: My friend Hephy
Makes you smile: A few people
Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: Meruangel90
 • × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Always
 Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Not really
 Wish you were younger: Nope
 Cry because someone said something to you?: Yeah
 • × • N U M B E R • × •
Of times I have had my heart broken: Too many
 Of hearts I have broken: None, that I know of
 Of guys I've kissed: None
 Of girls I've kissed: None
 Of CD's I own: 30 or 40
 Of scars on my body: Not many
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