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Terms of Service

Here are the terms, conditions, as well as your rights, when commissioning me:

1. Payment
a. To reserve a spot in my queue, you need to pay at least 50% of the total price in advance. However, if your commission’s total price is less than 100 USD, I take payment in full only.
b. If you choose to only pay half first, you have two options:
o You can pay the other half before or while I start working on your commission. This means that we can then communicate freely with full resolution final images.
o You can choose to only pay the rest after you’re satisfied with the final version. In this case, I will only send you watermarked images with a max size of 1000x1000px. You can then ask for revisions on these images. You will receive the full resolution, no-watermark version only after you’ve completed your payment.
c. I treat every order as a personal commission, unless stated otherwise, and price it accordingly. If you want to use my work commercially, such as use it as a logo, use it on a brochure/poster, sell prints etc. you need to let me know beforehand since the price structure is different.
d. Payment is done through Paypal at: thepimpartist[at]gmail.com or pimpartistry[at]gmail.com

2. The Queue
a. 90% of the time I have a queue. It also tends to stay at a relatively constant size. What this means for you, if you believe my queue is long right now, is that waiting until “my queue gets smaller” is never a good idea.
b. The moment I receive your payment, your spot will be reserved, and I will communicate 2 dates: the approximate start date and the approximate delivery date.
c. I ask you to be understanding of any events that crop up in my life and make me delay your delivery. However, my maximum delay ever was 3 days from the original delivery date.

3. Revisions
a. All subsequent revisions you might need are included in the price
b. This is to ensure that you leave a satisfied customer and that there’s less risk to you in commissioning me
c. However, if this clause is abused, (eg: The customer is asking for revisions asked are so constant, numerous and detailed, they take more than the time for the original piece) I reserve the right to refund half the total price if they paid in full and cancel that commission.

4. WIPs
a. It is your right as a customer to ask for WIPs at any point if you want them. Just make sure to ask, since I rarely send them of my own accord!
b. Please do not ask for WIPs before your start date comes up.
c. Any WIP will be sent at the end of the working day, so you have ample time to respond.
d. As such, you can only ask for WIPs if your commission takes longer than 1 day to make. Commissions that cost 50 USD and less are generally completed within one day and you can only ask for revisions at the end.
e. Personally, I prefer to do any revisions at the end. To me, seeing the work in its sketchy, messy form, can take out a bit of the magic of the fully finished piece.

5. Cancelling and Refunds
a. If you cancel your commission before I start working on it, you will receive a full refund
b. If you cancel your commission after I’ve already started working on it, I will keep half of the total price and refund the rest.
c. If you are completely dissatisfied with the way the final piece looks, and no amount of revisions can fix it, I will keep half of the total price and refund the rest.

6. Your rights
a. As a commissioner, you have the right to remain anonymous when I post my work.
b. You have the right to post my work anywhere you like
c. You can post my work without crediting me as the author, but you cannot pass it as your work.
d. You have the right to print my work. This also applies to putting it on mugs, keychains, turning it into a badge, putting it on garments etc. You, however, do not have the right to use my work commercially (eg: sell it for profit) unless stated and agreed on beforehand.

7. My rights
a. I always retain authorship over all my work.
b. I reserve the right to promote my work. This means that I can post it on social media and present it at conventions as my own.
c. I reserve the right to present my work in my portfolio when searching and applying for jobs.
d. I reserve the right to print my work.
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