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Kitty Ramble: A New Frostcat?

I've been thinking about this major situation a lot now that everything is slowly coming to place.  With only four more weeks of work before the plan is initiated, I've already have a couple of interesting ideas planned.  One especially towards this year's AC if all goes well.  But there is something that I really want to do to make everything else stand out.  And note, this is something planned for 2014 at the latest and that's getting a full suit of my Anthro form.  My only thought about that is that I look at some of the furs now and I see designs, tattoos, different colors of their skin under the fur and everything.

Now I'm not going balls to the wall and have a revamped look to myself.  Every form always have the black type fur, blue eyes, blue flame outfits, and on occasion, an icy ability if not look to them.  I know that my ultimate trademark will be the Fire and Ice Pendant that's an arm and a leg(possibly discontinued.  Thanks Tribal Son =>.<;=), but somehow I feel as if I'm missing something else that will signify who Frostcat is amongst the fellow tuxedo cats.  I mean, if you think about it, Kitty Soft Paws and Mittens for example are pretty much the same cat in different worlds. Two de-clawed female tuxedo blue-eyed cats with stealth and persuasion. <3...<3...<3...*ahem*

All and all, I'm pondering what I want to add to my character.  After looking at Blaze's ref sheet, I know that ice blue claws would work best.  But what else?  An, frosty tattoo design on my right shoulder or fore arms? Snowy, white tips on my hair if not icy blue? Maybe an icy paw print on my butt.  What do you guys think?  I'm open to options.

*Four more weeks left*

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
icy paw print on butt, and hair tipped icy dark blue.  Also it would be cool to have his hair give off alittle of that freezer/dry ice mist.
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