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its absolutely bizarre to me that every so often I get attacks on my artwork...like horrible attacks...some weird attack from nowhere...

I did the appropriate thing and blocked him, checked out his page and they posted a journal about presumably me, that I did not tag my submission properly so they could not see it...

this was this:  

and open for criticizm..the audio is bad...but im unskilled it in that...tried to edit sound files to make younger pup sounding ahh...failed prolly...and did not delete person's comment calling me out on that...so yeah anyone wanna donate some sounds?  I'll give you credit??!?!

title mounting pups...tags gay, anal etc...this person took vendetta against me...writing journal and attacking post..wish I didn't delete his rude comments...but then he went beyond that and starting asking me to add more tags to it, like "cringe"  really?  SO this moron actually wanted me to add a tag cringe among 4 other degarotary tags to post  which has nearly 500 views and 25 favs

does this person have no life?  If something is cringe to me I just dont watch...or look at...Ive seen a lot of poop art on here.  I dont try to attack artists for posting it...

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Added: 9 months, 1 week ago
9 months, 1 week ago
That is a crappy thing to do.  I wouldn't be following a person on an art site if I thought their art was bad (Though I have had beef with people making their art into a frequent political podium).  I would never go out of my way to tell someone how much I disliked their artwork, as that is straight up troll behavior.  Blocking the person was the best course of action.  If they can't control their desire to look at things that they personally don't like, that is on them.  No one has to cater to some random persons like's and dislike's.  Do what you do, and those like-minded will be grateful.
9 months, 1 week ago
agreed...I see many things I dont like here and elsewhere...i just look away

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GeCPanRHU0  lol

yeah some idiot whose never looked on my work, seeks to attack me...its odd...writing journals, multiple comments..then adding suggested keywords saying they dont like it...wow no life

9 months, 1 week ago
Going by your description, it sounds like a case of the male dominance instinct kicking in: guys seeking out other rival guys to trample over in public display for female attention.

Like, the way you describe it as "bizarre...some weird attack from nowhere..." suggests the guy was mindlessly lashing out, correct?

Also, "cringe" literally means "guy who tries, but would never be able to pull women in a million years".
9 months, 1 week ago
yes he appeared to mindlessly lash out....as if angry with me...and no cringe does not mean that...it means something that makes you cringe..its funny he had to go back multiple times to something he found cringeworthy,,,,I love making the fools do that.  As said, if I see something cringey I just go Erhhh and leave....but that's what nonpsychotic people do XD
9 months, 1 week ago
" Yiffox wrote:
...and no cringe does not mean that...it means something that makes you cringe..
And what do you think motivates guys to feel that way, dude?—the way the term has been extremely popularised over the past few years is is exclusive reference to "loser weirdo freaks who will never get laid and live in their mothers' basements", and that's because most guys in online spaces—even in furry online spaces—are operating under a mental frame of reference that revolves around women and dating and being a resource provider.
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