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Furry Fiesta - Day 2

Well, today was a lot better... Somewhat. I still haven't met the people I know that said they'd be here, but I have made some friends... maybe some enemies ^^;

Today I tried to work on my RPG, but I'm using my laptop here at the con, but my laptop is dying and needs replacing badly... Anyway, I was sitting among some tables they have set out and it turns out my laptop lacks some stuff for that, which I thought I had applied to my external hard drive yesterday, but apparently not.. Anyway, I decided to try to draw some on my Photoshop with my tablet, but ended up using most of the time just trying to get the stupid music player working! Eventually my laptop warns me that it's at 5% battery power despite it being on power saver mode, so I'm forced to turn it off. I return it to my room and go to look about the events at the con instead.

I end up talking with a few of the volunteers that watched the door of the art gallery. I tell one of them about my missing ring and she suggests I talk with the convention's security room for their lost and found in case it's turned up. So I do that and it's not there sadly. But leaving the room, I noticed that just across the hall from it is a gaming room. I decide to stop in there and see what they have and what I could play. There was seven game stations set up in there. One set up for Rock Band, two for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one for Tekken 6, one for Marvel VS Capcom Ultimate, one for Marvel VS Capcom 3, and the other was a varied selection of games for the XBox 360 as I could tell. I would've played Brawl, but I have much more open on my copy of Brawl than what I saw they did. So I tried my hand at Tekken 6, which was my first time ever playing it as the lately PlayStation I have is my PS2. So I had to learn how to play my favorite characters on this newer Tekken.

Eventually I have a challenger or... several at the game and show just how hard to beat I am. Some of them did beat me, but I gave them a challenge at least. Some of them seemed to get along with the fact that either I won or challenged them. I didn't let it get to me when I lost, either. Though some of the people that challenged me... I'm not sure about how they felt about me winning. I hope they didn't hold it against me ^^;

Anyway, after they finally closed the game room down for the night... sadly... I went back to the tables and started drawing, but then someone pointed out that it was Saturday to a friend of theirs and I thought to myself, "Wait... Saturday? My animes!" Yeah... Saturday's anime night for me. ^^; So I headed back to my room and I'm watching the animes now :p

I'm rationing myself on tortilla chips and soda right now, but I should survive anyway. And when I leave for home Monday, I'll probably go ahead and get something more to eat than chips. Anyway, wish me luck, guys!
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7 years, 1 month ago
Oh right I have to watch the new animes too XD
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