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I love my luck and timing

And a lot of times if it wasn't for my bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.  But as much as I didn't need it this close to leaving for Colorado I ended up developing a cold. x.x  A few days ago I started getting a scratchy throat.  I just figured it was from me yelling on the 360 like I normally do or just because of it being cold in my room.  Because I've gotten it before from just that.  But it just up and hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday.  I just all of a sudden started to ache a lot, get chills and have no energy.  So before it got too terribly bad I ran to the store and picked up some of that airborne stuff to try and kick this out of my system quicker.  Though I realized my sore throat is more than likely caused by my sinus being a bit messed up.  Because I keep sucking some nice colored phlegm our of them and spitting it out.  Though mostly because I need to get myself better here before I leave this Thursday I've been laying around and trying to get myself better.  That and I ended up calling off work today so I can lay around more.  Plus I figured today was a short day anyways.  So it's not like I would be loosing that much money.  Though the one thing here that is really weird that started up is I all of a sudden started to itch.  Mostly on my arms and my feet.  Though a little while later I looked at it more and it spread a bit.  So I'm apparently just randomly breaking out in hives.  Which the only thing I've had to eat when that happened was a small bowl of cereal.  That and I ended up drinking down one of the airborne tablets.  Though I did take some advil during that as well.  I ended up calling one of my friends and they think this is randomly happening just because of the airborne.  Which that's what I was guessing as well.  But either way I just thought this was weird since I've never had this happen before.  Though either way like I said I'm going to do what I know I need to do and just try to get better as soon as possible here.  Even if that means calling off the next two days that I have to work before I leave this coming week.  So wish me luck. x.x
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