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Man o Man do I feel drained...

First off, I wanna say that I am getting better physically and emotionally (granted emotionally is taking even longer. Heck, I cry at the drop of a hat.) I have to learn to take things slowly. Y'see I joined kickboxing this week. In my silliness, I thought I could hit the ground running. As if none of my physical or emotional problems have happened. And I'm paying the price with sore muscles, stinging chest pains, and a hurt foot.

I need to take things slowly. Step by step. And that is just very hard for me. Necessary, but hard. I found myself becoming frustrated that my roundhouse and sweeps now suck balls. So i punished my legs. I wake up, and.... OW!

I am not quitting kickboxing, but I need to be slower. Pace by pace. Technique, then strength, then speed. Frustrating, but necessary. The one thing I do not want is to wind up in a hospital. I've been there. NOT.FUN.

Thats all for now. I'm gonna drink some tea and veg out. Maybe hit a massage parlor.

***** UPDATE for FUN ******

I've always been a fan of the cute, and fun game Tail Concerto. The cities are epic, the characters are adorable (Oh, Stare Priss.... How I love thee....), and not being much of a gamer, anything that can get me excited about picking up my DS is definately worth a look.

I found Solatorobo: Red the Hunter while having a Game Shop gift card burning a hole in my pocket (It came with a sound track too. BONUS!). When I saw the familiar robot design, I anticipated stale play from the DS and stale animation..... And boy was I wrong! The action is great, and the animation makes me wish I can connect my DS to my TV, and the fact that you can jump off your mech and take opponents paw to bolt is a great feeling. You can continually up/down grade your bot too.

And look at these commercials! Why can't America show such awesome commercials:

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