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Hand recovering

[/edit] Whoa, I got a lot of replies on this and some of the suggestions helped.

I took it easy over the weekend and Monday and it's not so bad now, along with painkillers for inflammation. I still have some residual pain in the ring/pinky fingers when fully closed, but I can do anything not involving a closed fist or holding something heavy in that hand, so I should be able to get by.

I'm having some difficulty closing my left hand into a fist or bending my fingers too much, especially pink and ring fingers. I'm going to try to get a doctor's appointment next week and hope it doesn't worsen. So far, my only advice was from Slugbox to try black cherry extract.

I'm just glad it wasn't my right hand, but still ... it impacts my art digitally since I can't use keyboard shortcuts quite as quickly or as much. I was annoyed because my art block was lifting and I had some sketches and 3D renders ready, and it seems like nothing makes me want to do art more than not being able to do it or some obstacle.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to hear them (besides taking Tylenol for the pain and inflammation)
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
It's a good idea to give it some rest.. but, stretching and massaging it should help getting it to normal to a degree. A warm bath may also be a good plan as that should make it less painful to use it! I hope it's not too bad. :/
7 years, 5 months ago
It sounds like a pinched nerve to me, def see a doctor.
7 years, 5 months ago
Well,if you haven't whacked it against something,it's probably a pinched nerve. Try resting your back and neck more. Doctor's appointment is the way to go,tho. Hopefully it's nothing bad.
7 years, 5 months ago
a little R&R never hurts. If you can afford to do so, just take a break for a couple of days.

See that doctor ASAP.
7 years, 5 months ago
Put some Tussin on it.

Seriously though, stress begets stress, so try to refrain from doing anything with it, even idly, like tapping, scratching or whatever.
Soak your hand in an Epsom salt solution for the inflammation, just prepare the water according to the box directions.  Don't go too heavy on the anti-inflammatory meds until you've talked to your doctor about it though.
It doesn't sound like carpel tunnel syndrome because I'm pretty sure that that affects the thumb side of your hand up to your middle finger, but not the last two.
7 years, 5 months ago
Most people would recommend relaxing it, I say the opposite. It could be lack of exercise, and yes even hands can get those. While you don't want your hand to get stressed out, it won't hurt to move it around once in a while to help the circulation.
7 years, 5 months ago
" See that doctor ASAP.

I second that. Don't wait too long. Depending on what it is you can make it worse or better when warming or cooling the hand. Only advice ever helps: Don't use the hand, as far as you can do.
7 years, 5 months ago
Tylenol isn't an anti-inflammatory.

ibuprofen or naproxin sodium is.
7 years, 5 months ago
I'd send you down mt Naproxen but that's so many degrees of illegal i don't know where to begin.  doctor gave me these painkillers/anti-inflammatories when i got my ear infection earlier this year.  i do my best to avoid pain killers as they put me out.  nobody needs to roofie my drink just slip me a couple of Advil and I'm out.  but I've said too much
7 years, 5 months ago
Yikes did you break it? See a doctor, refrain from overuse.
7 years, 5 months ago
Going to the doctor's the best advice that I'd offer.  Maybe some ice or ointment, but you should definitely see a doctor.


I hope your hand feels better soon.
7 years, 5 months ago
I recommend, aside from the doc, to give it a nice soak in epsum salt and warm water.  
7 years, 5 months ago
Is there any way you could get half a minute with a doctor or nurse just to ask if occasional icing would be all right? It would be my first instinct, but probably better to talk to a professional first. The sooner you can see a doctor or RN/PC, the better. Still I'll hope it's just a temporary and self-limiting thing. Be careful with supplements since they're not tested and not always produced with the utmost care (depending on brand). And why spend extra money for something you may already be getting in your normal diet?

I totally know what you mean about feeling the creative urge even more when you don't have a way to do it. :( Still, is there a way you can keep your left arm comfortable (on a pillow on the table) while sketching on paper? Just for fun maybe. :)

Best wishes and take care.
7 years, 5 months ago
Put ice on it . If you have time go  ask your doc for a uric acid test . :)
7 years, 5 months ago
Ouch. That sucks. I hope it gets better soon.
7 years, 5 months ago
something I have found is to shred a potato (like makin hash browns) and keep it wrapped against a swollen or sprained area overnight. In the morning, the potato should be black/grey, and the swelling should be gone. It works well on sprains, so it should work for this.
7 years, 5 months ago
Have you tried ice? Seriously, it was the first thing I thought of when you mentioned swelling. Also, yeah, go see a doc, get better, and try not to use it too much.
7 years, 5 months ago
I am so sorry to hear about your hand :( Was it a gradual thing or did it just suddenly start?) I have a bad habit of rolling over on my hands when asleep, that may have happened to you.
 in any case I join the chorus in urging you to see a doc.
 >vitual hugs for you<
7 years, 4 months ago
I think it definitely had to do with sleeping on it occasionally, along with my job and lots and lots of paper. I use my left hand to thumb through a large stack in my lap for about 80% of my work day.
7 years, 4 months ago
How is your hand doing? Better, I hope:)
 A couple of weeks ago I woke up on my stomach with my hands curled into fists in my sternum. My hands were sore for a few hours ... but where my knuckles met my chest,that was sore for days!
I know what you mean about your job taking it's toll, I work in a print shop so I'm constantly moving paper about. It isn't so bad with 8 1/2 by 11 paper reams, but when it's 11 by 17 paper it strains my wrists. I also have to fill orders sometimes and that means counting out hundreds of NCR sets.
7 years, 5 months ago
ouch, get well soon.
7 years, 5 months ago
I usually recommend chi'en chi kua, but I don't imagine you're familiar with that.
7 years, 5 months ago
Have you tried soaking your hand, wrist and forearm in cold water? That could help with the swelling.

Hope your hand heals up soon. =x
7 years, 5 months ago
I would make a suggestion for the problem with your left hand my friend, and one I've used for myself a few times.  Get some Epson salts, and a pail of hot water, hot just to the point where you can put your hand and arm into it.  Take two cups of the epson salts and mix it into the water.  Then dunk your swollen and hurting fingers and arm into it.  The salts will suck out the swelling and relieve your pains, I would follow that up with hot and cold packs around the wrist and not draw or write anything for the rest of the day you do this.  I've used this myself many times when I've overdone things on my knees, wrists, ankles, and so on, even in a large tub soaking my pain filled back.  While it never removes all the pain I feel constantly it does always remove the swelling and allows my body to rest to a certain point.  In part it is the water at a temperature I can just barely tolerate and in part it is the salts which drain away the swelling and relieves that intense pressure of discomfort.  It never, ever fails.  As to the point of the hot and cold pack, they help to remove the effects of what caused the trouble in the first place and not doing anything for a full day allows that damage to be reduced and puts you back into a position to work again.  Sometimes you may have to do this for two, sometimes three days in a row if you really hurt yourself bad and things will get better each day until the problem is gone.  Some intense nerve problems this will not completely fix but it will help.
7 years, 5 months ago
Ibuprofen could help with the pain and swelling. But yes, going to see the Doc is a good idea.
7 years, 5 months ago
Ive had swollen fingers, hand, arm before, and the two things I got treated for were infection, and allergic reaction. Handling perfumed soap products gives me a rash, but thats usually pink when raised, while the darker red was infection through small breaks in the skin, maybe tiny bites. I found outthat if I feel the prick, then see teh spot and treat it with severe houshold cleaning products, its cleans it up.

If its an inection, its easy to tell, you can see the effect propagating by the hour. if it does so, DO NOT WAIT. Subdermal infections lead to blood sepsis. It dont matter what your doctor says about costing for the infection, Sepsis is a hospital inpatient job if youre lucky.

Hope its something mild like allergic reaction to something youve handled, been in contact with, and so will go down in a couple days.
7 years, 4 months ago
I wish I could be of some help, but I've never dealt with that. I hope you get better.
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