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Weekly Schedule Time (3/5)

Hey there everyone~!

Things are going well!  We’re a couple weeks until our move and I’m finally working towards the end of the queue.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to hit the end before the move, but I do know that everything should be done by April and I should have a new batch of slots open!  I may even bring back Sketch on the Spot if I feel I can make a steady income at it.  We’ll see!  I have to think about it, but things are moving quick!

A little too quick, but hey, that’s how it goes.

Announcements and Business

Commission Slots are Full!

Thanks to everyone who messaged me and sent in their commission requests!  I’ll open more up as soon as I get a decent way through what I’ve got.  We’ll see how things look in a few weeks!

(Little things like the Lil’ Wobbles are still available.  If you’re interested in those, drop me a line!)

As always, I would like to send out my thanks to everyone who supports my Patreon!   I’m still grinding through everything, so once things settle out, I’m going to re-evaluate things and make sure everything’s heading in a reasonable direction.

Onto the list…!

Commissions, Paid Work & Patreon Items

Just Eevee Things! (Shaze) [INV-229]
Stuck In The Middle!
Shaze & Yuki p.03
In Progress!
Shaze & Yuki p.04
Thumbnails sketched.

Training is Scary! - Klin [INV-260]
Not started yet.

Character Sheet: Sara - Obsidian [INV-261]

Mutation Is To Be Expected - Fernin [INV-262]
Not started yet.

Improper Schooling - Fernin [INV-263]
Not started yet.

Monstergirl Moments - Fernin [INV-264]
Not started yet.

Hunter & Nezu - Hunter [INV-266]
Not started yet. (Verifying info.)

Linkette - Linkle [INV-267]

Caroline & Kira - Iron [INV-268]
Not started yet.

Lil’ Wobbles - Shaze [INV-271]

Portrait - Razor Breeze [INV-272]
Not Started yet!

Lil’ Wobbles - Siege [INV-274]
Not Started yet!

Lil’ Wobbles - Ember [INV-275]
Not Started yet!

Lil’ Wobbles - Addy [INV-276]
Not Started yet!

SH Nurse Pin-Up (Patreon)
Blocking & Sketching completed. Inking next.

JWhoof Icons (Patreon)
Not started yet.  Need info.

As always, if I forgot something, let me know!

To Do List

 - Update the Hall of Friends!
 - Make 3-Monitor Version of Wallpaper
 - Finish Uploading SotS Stuff
   - 05/26 SotS
   - 06/23 SotS
   - 06/30 SotS
   - 07/14 SotS
 - Compile all 2017’s SotS into an easily downloadable package for Patrons
 - Compile all of Obsidian’s past commissions
 - Clear out all of my inboxes (Tumblr/dA/IB/E-mail)
 - Further organize VH chapter documents/consolidate notes
 - Update ledger
 - Do taxes
 - Update Patreon Banner
 - Create Cast Page
 - Update Secret Gallery
 - Spooky’s Castle Update(?)

And then, as for the schedule...

Weekly Schedule [3/5]

Monday (3/5)

Tuesday (3/6)
Various Happenings p.88 - Sketching & Inking

Wednesday (3/7)
#229 - Shaze & Yuki (p.3)

Thursday (3/8)
Various Happenings p.88 - Coloring & Shading

Friday (3/9)
#229 - Shaze & Yuki p.3

Saturday (3/10)
Day Off

Sunday (3/11)
Day Off

Milestones & Highlights!

Let’s see how things are going!

As of right now:

Tumblr: 2461 Followers
deviantart: 400 Watchers & 29.4k Pageviews!
Inkbunny: 703 Watchers & 121.8k Pageviews!
FurAffinity: 1020 Watchers & 22.9k Pageviews!
Patreon: 21 Patrons - $89/month
Comic Website: 426 Unique Views Per Week (Average)
Tapas: 83 Subscribers / 9.7k+ Views!

That’s a lot of numbers!  

Going to take it a little easy this week.  I’ve been working hard and getting things done and that should continue!  But I want to stabilize my schedule a little and make sure I’m prepared going into the move in a couple of weeks.  I want to at least get to a place where I can feel I can pick up from when I get there.

Still!  I’m optimistic!

As always, if you want to ask me questions about my work, feel free to e-mail me at sali(at)foxsaliant.com or pm me either here, or at my deviantart or inkbunny (links are below).

If you want to help me out or see stuff that I can’t quite show off yet, feel free to visit my Patreon and contribute!  If you just want to help, check out my website over at Foxsaliant.com for general info and donation links!  I set up Ko-Fi for those of you who are still skittish about Patreon but want to toss something my way anyway, so if that appeals to you, go ahead and throw something over there!

I hope you all have a good week!  Winter’s almost over, so let’s head into Spring with a fresh attitude and some confidence!


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