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General updates on stuff

This will be more about myself then the game, but it does end up walking hand in hand with the game.  It's been difficult to come to terms with it, but truth be told I'm completely out of shape.  I recently weight myself not too long ago and realized that I was almost pushing 300 pounds.  The funny thing is is that I don't really look like I'm 300 pounds and part of it is that I'm still somewhat well built from when I was in the military a while back.  None the less, being in this current condition is not helping at all and this is kind of the side effect of going to college.  There's a lot of fast food joints within walking distance, and in the 6 or 7 months since I've started college, I've gained nearly 60 to 70 pounds without realizing it.  This kind of weight gain has also somewhat killed my enthusiasm for most non school related things as well but I've been getting help.

This past week I've been working out by running and weight lifting.  It's been hell trying to get the ball rolling but I've already found myself getting more energy by the day.  In fact, my enthusiasm for not just the babysitting game, but art in general has come back with a vengeance.  It's also encouraged me to clean up my place and start organizing and looking back on a lot of old hobbies of mine.  But it's still a little too early to celebrate as it's only been one week and I still have a long ways to go if I want to be in good health again.  It's just been so long since I last did anything outside of school and flash programming I feel like I'm back at square one.

I've compiled a list of things I want to learn how to do again this year as well as a number of goals I want to achieve.  First and for most, getting my associates and getting Babysitting Cream done is on the top of my list.  Along with those though:

-I need to learn how to draw again.  It's been a little over a year since I had seriously drawn something with pencil and paper.  I'm not sure where to begin though since I've given away most of my "How to Draw" books to my little brother when he moved away, and I'm not sure which how to draw books would be all the reliable or good.

-One of my goals for working out is to be in good shape for Anthrocon.  I plan to attend and if I can get Aval0n and Grose to finish making more art, would love to give away a few printed copies of Babysitting Cream to the fans and just hang out for a little while with those who can attend.  Hopefully I'll be in much better shape when July comes around so I'll definitely be up for other kinds of fun too.  ^v^

-While going through some containers I also found my old Magic: The Gathering card set that I got for Christmas back in 1995.  It came to my surprised how many tournaments take place on my campus and I would love to learn how to play again and take part in a few.  Again, like drawing I'm really not sure where to start in learning how to create a good deck and implement strategies.

If anyone knows anything that might be able to help this bird out I'm always appreciative of the help.  I can't slack anymore when it comes to my health otherwise I end up not only endangering myself, but my fans, friends, and overall future.  I'm gonna use this journal as a means to make sure I'm keeping up with what I need to do to get better and keep working on this game.

Thanks for reading.  ^v^
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
300?! Wow. O.o
I'm about 240 myself, but you basically took my weight and tacked on 60 lbs during college? Yikes!
7 years ago
I'm actually around 280 something but in the past few weeks it's felt like I've been inching closer to the 300 mark.
7 years ago
I was about 240 when I entered college and unusual sleep habits combined with tons of stress caused me to drop over 30 pounds in one semester.  I don't recommend either as a weight loss policy but it would probably help if you walked to the fast food places in walking distances (assuming you aren't already as I know people who would get in their car just to drive the couple of blocks to McD's) and budgeted your monthly food bills so that you limit what you eat and get in some wiggle room to plan for healthy meals on occasion.
7 years ago
im always happy when i see any kind of journal from you just makes me know you care about us. :)
7 years ago
^v^ *Feather hugs*  ^v^
6 years, 12 months ago
if you ever get around to playing magic the gathering online lemme know id love to play some games with ya
7 years ago
For MTG there is a pretty good free software package you can get at www.magic-workstation.com  Then you can build decks with any/all cards for free and play against other people all for free.  Great way to get back into the swing.  Also brainburst.com has a bunch of deck lists so you can play decks built by the pros while you builod confidence to build your own.  

Hope that helps.  Of course, please finish the game first beifre you get addicted to MTG.  :)
7 years ago
Being merily 160 pounds myself I can not really say anthing about the wight but regarding the motivation I can understand you very good. My biggest hobbies are writing and composing but for over a year now I am totally to a minimum when it comes to that.

For me the reason is stress at work and a mental and emotional downfall. Some would call this a "writers block" caused by mental problems.
I have not yet found a good way out of this downslide of emotions but I hope that there will be times where it goes up again this year.
I wish you the best that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Even though I eager wait for the next update as well I know that it is more important to get private things sorted first.
7 years ago
Gonna be hard for you to stay on paar with the others in Magic since there is a lot of strong new stuff. Not like the old decks don't work anymore but there are new cards with lower mana costs while having stronger effects so you might end up spending a hell lot of money to get your deck back into shape.

*nerd mode off*
I keep my fingers crossed for you so you can reach all yourself chosen goals!
7 years ago
Actually the any intro pack featuring infect with a few modifications should be enough to get a 2/2 in most tournaments
7 years ago
Infect is nasty but still easy to counter they are weaker/more expensive then their counters parts in other fast decks
Red decks usually rape infect the one with the biggest problems are defensive decks like white hp boost decks everything that takes time to build is a prey for infect decks
7 years ago
I usually play monoblue mill or blueblack control. my most recent is Sorin W/B tokens and wolf run ramp
7 years ago
If you want to learn more about meta-decks and magic in general please come to me I would love to teach you.
7 years ago
Thanks for the journal entry, It's always good to hear how you are doing.I am sorry to hear that college has made you gain weight though.
I truly understand the need to get back to drawing, for the longest time I was only doing digital work and had forgotten the satisfaction (and frustration) that comes from non virtual tools.But thanks to Inkbunny I've rediscovered  that particular joy!
As for Art books I recommend the trilogy on sequential  storytelling by Will Eisner, Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for What it's Worth, Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm and the books Dynamic Anatomy, Dynamic Figure Drawing,Dynamic Light and Shade and Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery  by Burne Hogarth for starters. >Big Scaly Hug!<
7 years ago
Your college has a gym, a library, and art classes which you are already paying for - make the most of them.
7 years ago
In regards to your health, Lean Cuisines are dank and work damn well. Pair that with snacking on nutri-grain bars and cut out the sodas. I know once I get rid of the food I have at my place I'm crash-dieting on the same thing.

As for Magic, Swamps ftw.
7 years ago
Hope ya can git back ta where ya wanna be Avian. Got a buddy a mine trying to help me get back inta shape.
7 years ago
I actually took a 2 year hiatus from drawing, and found that I could still draw surprisingly well after that, so I wouldn't worry too much.

For drawing books, I swear by Jack Hamm's "Drawing the Head and Figure"
But I really haven't found myself using it after the hiatus.

What I mostly recommend is just looking up reference material for what you're drawing.
The way I usually approach this is to look up a pose I want to use, and a facial expression.
I draw the posed figure, and then turn it into the character.

I can relate to having trouble feeling motivated to work on old projects.
I believe the trick is to find some place in the project where you can start creating new stuff again.
It has to be something new and unplanned to spark your creativity.
7 years ago
if you wanna lose weight, just go to the gym and run on the tread, do the bike, and climb the stair climber for a couple hours then when you get home drink some protein also eat salads instead of meats and such. Between the exhaustion from the exercise and the shittin from the shake you will lose a LOT of weight :/
7 years ago
For losing weight I managed to lose my freshman poundage quickly enough by learning to cook a few quick dishes from scratch, its usually cheaper and healthier to cook from scratch than to buy fast food and you can cook to taste, I was fat to begin with but I managed to reduce myself to a more nominal fatness within a few months with that small change. Good luck! Oh and if you'd like to play some M:TG over skype I'll try to dredge my old decks outta storage.
7 years ago
Good luck with that! Hard to believe you gained that much weight in such a short tme, considering how I only gain around 5-10 Ib. per year no matter how badly I eat, and I weigh about just 200. Seriously though, good luck losing that weight.
7 years ago
If ya want any info with magic the gathering let me know, I play often and prior to this semester  went to Friday Night Magic, Monday Night Magic, Pre-releases, drafts, and Pro tour qualifiers whenever they were in the area, so I can help ya out! So yeah messege me and I can tutor ya in all things magic
7 years ago
i would say dont play magic. it's legitlly expensive. if you play causaul sure but not tournament decks. trust me do some ebay and online shops at some of the top cards.
7 years ago
I've been going over/under 330 for a while now, but am trying real hard to get more weight off.  I'm pullin' for ya!
7 years ago
Good luck on your goals as far as magic the gathering i assume you have some cards in your collection to build with i recommend choosing only 2 colors when building a deck i have not played that game is such a long time but i am up  to date with it as many of my friends do some people just use a single color deck but i find it easy and more fun to use a 2 color deck i don't know how much you forgot about the game so i don't know how much detail to go into =o such as building your mana bace and mana curve if building your own deck becomes to much of a problem many card stores that sell mtg cards will help you get started as well as some sell pre made decks. MEEP -_-
7 years ago
Im at 140lbs.. Im a small guy though, 5' 10"- Built with big bones though lol.
7 years ago
i know what your going through. i just recovered from a gun shot wound to my jaw (shattered it where the round came out, and nearly severed my tongue) and i had a feed tube in my stomach that pumped fat juice (a cocktail of protein and carbs) right into me 24/7. now i'm 250 and its a pain to get off. i use to have no prob passing the PFA in the NAVY, now stairs are kind of hard. as for mtg they've added all kinds of new rules from when i played in high school, but my Beast of Burden is still beast
7 years ago
there is a way to loose 20 lbs w/ out surgery, in 1 day, and all it will cost you is 10$ or less. but make sure a friend is near by with a phone because it can have some serious short-term medical problems. (i'm a skinny shit, 6 foot 4 and 165lbs)

And at least your lucky to have time to play magic, the past three weeks, I've only had 2 hours each weekend to myself. Studying Human anat. ,chem., poly sci., co-directing the play I wrote is a bitch!
7 years ago
I'm 240 lbs, but instead of reducing my weight I'm trying to bulk up.  If for any reason you cannot go to a gym there are free websites like iwantsixpackabs.com that have free workout videos for doing most of what you need at home.  Seriously if you get a pullup bar that attaches to your door frame and use that on a regular basis along with planks, crunches, pushups, lunges, squats, and dips, you have a solid core to your workout that you can adjust or add onto depending on your level of fitness.  If you set exercise goals more than weight goals you will feel a lot better.  For example, whenever I get closer to my goal of doing 30 pullups in a row (I can now do 15 easily, my record is 20) I feel a heck of a lot better than when my scale says my weight's changed.  I have an office job so going to the gym and working out at home are a must for me, and fortunately there's a lot of hilly terrain for endurance runs in my part of the world.  Wearing a weight vest, a weight belt, and running up and down hills should remind you of your days in the military even if o one is yelling at you.  I'm not a personal trainer, but I have been trained by a competitive weight lifter and bodybuilder. If you ever want to message someone and have a casual conversation about exercise routines, feel free to reach out to me.  But since you are former military, I bet you already have a really good idea of what to do.
7 years ago
I actually live in a metric-country so I just converted your numbers here. I gained some weight too lately but I don't really care about that.
7 years ago
I some how managed to keep myself at a steady 218 lbs and shood be at 190 lbs but who knows maybe next summer ill try and lose some pounds. and im not sure why but im starting to eat more fruit's. last time i had an orange was 3yr ago or so. Good luck with gating into shape FeatheredAdventures and heck maybe ill even get up and jump on my BowFlex.
7 years ago
Forget weight. Worry about body mass index and cardio vascular health. Remember muscle mass weighs more than fat tissue. If you do the right stuff, the weight will normalize by itself. You're too young to be that unhealthy. I'm 73 and at 5' 6" and 205 lbs. -- too heavy but I can still move and climb stairs. Love to see Cream done. Love to see you healthy more.
7 years ago
Just listen to the montage song by Matt Stone and Trey Parker and that will get your blood pumping

The hours approaching, to give it your best, you've got to reach your prime.
That’s when you need to put yourself to the test and show us a passage of time
Were going to need a montage (montage), ooh it takes a montage (montage)

Sure a lot of things happing at once, remind everyone what’s going on (what’s going on)
And when every shot you show a little improvement just show it all or it will take to long
That’s called a montage (montage), ooh we want montage (montage)

And anything that we want to know, from just a beginner to a pro,
You want a montage (montage), even rocky had a montage (montage).
7 years ago
Pushups are amazing at taking off weight. Also, the BEST thing for you is not running, but swimming.
7 years ago
Yes. Swimming is a TERRIFIC form of exercise.
" HathgarNiche wrote:
Pushups are amazing at taking off weight. Also, the BEST thing for you is not running, but swimming.
7 years ago
Wow im not looking forward to collage XD im kidding
but most how to book:
Step 1: draw perfect circle
Step 2: sketch some hair a mouth and a face

and that is all XD i would post some pictures on here but my anime/manga/game series is all human... well except for one girl i guess
7 years ago
...when someone says they are at that weight it makes me feel like a really tiny guy...i am around 150. I am not short either(5"11ish). I am very lanky though so that may be why...no real power. I hope you can get back in good/great shape so you feel better:)
7 years ago
How tall are you,
?  I'm about 6'3", and I've always been big (although like you, I don't look that big.)  I did hit 300+ a year ago, but without really doing much, it dropped back down to ~280-285.

I do want to caution you against DRASTICALLY reducing your calorie intake, sure you lose some weight, but then your metabolism is reduced and you go into starvation mode.  Then when you go off the diet, you gain more weight, eating the same amount of food you did before.  The sumo wrestlers of Japan bulk up by skipping a day, then gorging on rice, etc., the next day.

Also, be careful about fad diets, such as low carb, etc.  Talk with a nutritionist first.  Any diet that says you can't have fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is a crock (such as the original Atkins diet.)

Start trying to cook, instead of eating fast food/processed foods.  Use lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, mono- and poly-unsaturated vegetable oils, and avoid lots of sodium, saturated fats, empty carbs (sugars and white bread,) etc.
7 years ago
I agree. Although, instead of just using lean meats, you should cut more of the meats out of the diet and eat beans for your protein. The darker the beans, I think, the more nutritional value.

However, if you really need to have meat in your diet, then you should go with leaner cuts.

Olive oils and canola oils are your friends when you need to use oil. They are higher in monounsaturated fats (better fo you than poly) than regular vegetable oils.

And start reading labels. Foods that get most of their calories from carbs aren't goin to keep you satisfied as long as foods with higher protein calories. A 'quick' way to find where all the calories are coming from is to take the fat x9, carbs x4 and protein x4. This should give you roughly the total calories of the food and also break it down to where they are coming from.
7 years ago
im about the same weight as you, and i know the feeling. its too bad u dont live where i do, we could try to motivate each other. my bro doesnt try to help me lose weight at all. and as ive always said, i LOVE the game and your and aval0ns work, but it all comes second to your health. i wish i could go to a-con, if only to meet u in rl
7 years ago
well, i dont know about the other things, but if you have, or have access to an x-box 360, there is a realy good FREE version of magic the gathering on there that i use to train myself for tournaments, hope this helps a little
7 years ago
I'm in a similar boat as you are about the weight issue. After I quit smoking coming up on 2 years ago, I packed on alot of weight. About 130 lbs. But a few months ago I started eating better, and about a month ago I started exercising. Since then I've lost about 20 lbs. If you really wanna motivate yourself to keep exercising, reward yourself. I work out 5 times a week, mon-fri. As a reward, I give myself the weekend off.
7 years ago
Dear Avian ,  From Italy , sorry for my bad english
this is my first comment , I ' m following you and Aval0nx from 2011 , or even more .
But now , my comment is not about your art , the game or your activities as an artist .
I want to tell you something about your self .
I know that I don't even know you , i don't know who you are , what kind of problems do you have in life or else .
I don't if you have a broken home .
But , since i'm following you from so long , let me tell you that :
it doesn't matter if it's hard , it doesn't matter if you fell alone . You can do whatever you want , and the fact that you can do that , give you the reason why you HAVE to do that .
We are not talking about art , pornografy , furry ; we are talking about your health .
So put on your jogging shoes and go out and RUN .
Look , I'm a student too , I live by my own in another city so far away from home , can we say  I understand you if you fell alone ?
Here is my suggestion : LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE ! You can allow yourself to destroy your body , you can allow your self to be alone ! This is way more important that furry .
I was a Magic player , I end up with that game , damn man ! if you have enought time to close yourself in house playing cards , than you have enought time to go to the gjm too , or if you are out of money ( I know something about that ) just go out and run .
Another things , why have to eat in a fast food if you have fat problems ? Belive me , it's incredibly easy to make sandwithes for your break .
Try to attend some students groups .. I'm sure you will find something you will like , music , art .
Just attend people and don't stay alone , save money from fast food e go the gjm . FOR YOUR SELF .
Hang on , I want you take care of yourself ... if you need suggestion on loosing fat let me know , I have some skill , time allowing ;)
7 years ago
You know stress causes you to gain weight. I was literally eating one meal a day and running back and forth across campus going to class and work all day and I gained 20 LBIs.

I played magic back B4 all these OP cards. I had a deck of mostly fire with alot of easily summoned creatures. My trump card was a warrior(cant remember the name) that got +1/A +1/D for every fire creature on the field. Back when the the highest A/D was 5, having a creature that could bump it's D/A to 9 was OP. Also, alot of nice direct damage and instant creature kill spells with fire. That was like 10 years ago, I have NO IDEA what it is like now.

7 years ago
I can help you learn magic if you want. I've recently started playing and its really easy to catch on to again. I've gotten tons of people to start playing. Its easy to learn!
7 years ago
If you're looking for magic the gathering deck ideas there's a series on the magic the gathering website called "building on a budget". Updates on wednesdays, usually covers standard format (and more recently some modern mixed in). If you don't know what those two things are, they define what cards are legal. Standard is the last two "blocks" of booster sets and current core set, modern goes some number of blocks farther back. I forget how many since I usually play standard.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Sounds like you're making a big change for the better.  Don't lose your enthusiasm and don't give up.  It's easy to fall back into habits and forget your dreams.  I'm excited to hear you want to make improvements in your life, and I'm inspired to make some changes myself.  Looking forward to hearing updates.  Best wishes.
7 years ago
gl man i wish u the best and lol on the magic i had to give that up cuz i moved the game has changed get some new packs and see u will love it and look up planewalkers
7 years ago
Finally something I can help someone with. If you want to play MTG again try looking up some of the current deck like Wolf-Run and Delver. You also need to figure out your play style cause playing a deck that doesnt meet your play style can really affect the play. Also be prepared to spend a good bit of money if you want to play seriously. I play a lot and over the last year admit to spending over $300 on cards. If you want some help more directly just message me sometime and I would love to help ya.
7 years ago
If you have ANY question regarding working out (either weightlifting or cardio), feel free to drop me a PM. Seeing as you were in the military, I guess you are not entirely unknowing of the basic stuff, but anyway, it's fun to help people achieve their (health and fitness related) goals. I could even help you with nutrition and stuff I guess, wherever you feel like you are in need of help, I'll do my best.
7 years ago
Feathered one I know the feeling, I did time myself in the system & packed on the weight after serving my time, shit no P.T. & fast food. It took a while to get my shit together & shed the excess. It's good to hear that things are on the up for you & thanks for the update. Stay safe & all the best from us out there tripping with the aliens
7 years ago
Thanks for the update, FA. Glad your motivating yourself. It's always better than 'others' pushing!! LMAO!!! Take care. ;)
7 years ago
I feel your pain.  In HS I was on the football team and was a solid 180 but in the following years I stopped working out and I seriously added 110lbs.  I was 293 at my heaviest but I've since dropped 35lbs.  I've been doing a low carb diet (for the weight) and a low sodium diet (for my bloop pressure) combined w/ exercise 5 times a week. I'm seeing some great results in a relatively short amount of time.  Good luck!!
6 years, 12 months ago
300 pounds? how much is is it 150kg? the good thing is you can work from your home now ^^ (like in the simpsons episode where homer weighted 300 pounds)

btw i have 69 kg
6 years, 12 months ago
Doesn't hurt that your use to high calorie diets as well, I gained 40 lbs when I got discharged from the Army just because I was so use to eating three man sized meals a day. Personally I got a bicycle and I am slowly trying to get to the point I can ride it 3 days a week to my college, so far I can do one 14.5 mile round trip a week with out stopping on every hill to catch my breath lol. But I lost a lot of fat, and gained a lot of muscle since I started it this semester.
6 years, 12 months ago
'ey, i'm quiet the Magic fan. Me and a group of 10-12 friends gather every saturday and battle it out.
If your interested I could bring you up to speed, and give you some advice. I could tell you about my decks and whats new.
Also I have some pointers, and if you have an Xbox i could battle you in the online game.
Slap me on PM if your interested. =)
6 years, 12 months ago
if you're really looking into getting back into magic, try looking into a magic the gathering deck builder's kit. it comes with plenty of cards as well as a deck guid sheet with deck ideas and how to build a deck to get you started. good luck in your magic adventures!

off-subject: good to hear from you! hope you keep up your work out
6 years, 12 months ago
i wish u the best of luck feather in all that u set out to accomplish and feather is there some rule as what u can wear to Anthrocon cuz if i go i'll mostly go as myself
6 years, 12 months ago
Im tired of waitinf so i made my site... check it up http://sexxxiblue.blogspot.com/

We may exchange links later ;)
6 years, 12 months ago
ADD medication have a dietary side effect if you can get any. :p
6 years, 12 months ago
you like magic the gathering :D you are now my above all favorite artists now :p
6 years, 12 months ago
0-o you guys weigh more than me XD i feel like a midget in a giant factory XD
6 years, 12 months ago
lol also we are all still with ya regardless XD so dont push your self to hard and do what ya can we got paitence
6 years, 12 months ago
Well hey don't sweat it none, work no there's no tomorrow and kick that weight down! I know you can do it with no problem! Keep at it =3, peace, love, and soul.
6 years, 11 months ago
Honestly i suggest going and downloading Magic the Gathering online, its a easy way to relearn the game.
6 years, 11 months ago
As for the diet, i have a wonderful recepie for protine bars made out of cocoa powder rice crispies and whey protine mix that is actually good tasting. msg me if you want more info on it
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