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Why can't I find a female as slutty as me?  With guys they just appear and after a hug and a scritch are ready to go at it, but even at conventions, I hardly get any attention from gurls.  Guys like me because I'm gentle, kind, affectionate, and despite the misconception about most people with outrageous sex drives, a good friend.  I thought these were qualities were considered good and hard to find in guys wanting to yiff gurls...  What am I not understanding here?

On a slightly related note:  Why are there so many gurls wanting to bring children into the world?  Why is everyone ok with this?  Do not these people understand that parenting is a job that will last to the end of your life, gives you absolutely no reward, and takes every single spare second and penny you thought you had in these horrible times where providing either for yourself is hard enough and probably will be remembered as the Second Great Depression?
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7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
Hugs is not an answer silly boi  X3
7 years, 1 month ago
Why are gals not as slutty? - They have a lower sex drive on average (less testosterone), which, on average, further decreases the longer they are in a relationship (a study says).

Why are people still thinking about getting children in this economy?  - Being in a desperate situation economically actually increases your sex drive, accourding to a study. Evolutionally it makes sense - when you do not know if you will live another year, you have an evolutional advantage if you propagate now. At least it made sense back in the stone age. Could also be one of the reasons why poor people have more kids.
7 years, 1 month ago
The problem with studies on sex is that most people lie when something goes against society's norms, in this case girls are expected to have less sex drive so they say they do.  However, I have heard a few honest females say that they are no less yiffy than males.  So no, I cannot believe that statement based on personal experience.

Yes dear, in the stone age that may have been true, but I'm starting to think that poor people have more kids because if they were smart they wouldn't be poor.... When I rule the world I'm enacting a parenting license that requires parents to have their child paid for to age 10 at least before they are allowed to have one.
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