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Hello Inkbunny!

Hello there Inkbunnies,

A lot of my friends use this website so I decided I should be using it too, because what my friends do, I do too. I hear later we also have some sort of bridge jumping adventure going down. =B

The name I'm known most by in the fandom is Farellemoon, but recently I've been coming to be known more and more by the name Bondagepuppy. Bondagepuppy, or Bonny for short, is actually a character my fans helped me make over on FA to be the spirit of my bondage based account. She's not my fursona, but rather a character I made so I could explore, create, and otherwise draw what I normally wouldn't with my fursona, Farelle the purple wolf. Bonny is a corgi/husky mix, is around 25 years old, and... well you'll have a chance to get to know her a little later as we go.

I guess here's a little about me...

Everyone always asks me 'What about bondage do you enjoy?', and I want to share that real quick like so we can get to know each other better. For me, bondage is about the feeling of security that comes from being bound down. Having Bipolar Disorder there are some fits of emotion that I get that drive me to desire the type of control I feel when I'm tied up. It also comes in relation to the many straps and harnesses I was fitted with wearing growing up, because of the fact I also have a physical disability known as Cerebral Palsy, so I was often secured in some fashion to keep me from accidentally hurting myself. I have some weight issues that make my leg hurt now, sometimes I use a wheelchair or cane, but for the most part that part of my life is over. So, I wear harnesses, straps and 'things made out of rope or ribbon' just for the good feeling they give me. =3

I do realize that bondage is about a lot of different things for many people. Again why Bonny is so important to the life of this account and its equivalent account on FA. =3

Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know Inkbunny a bit more as time goes on.

It should be notes that because I'm the artist the profile information is about me. Bonny will show you who she is through the artwork I make.

<//3 Farellemoon
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6 years, 11 months ago
Yay, and welcome! :3
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