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Free flats end today

So the free flats offer ends today! It's been a lot of fun, and I'll probably offer it again later this year. For now though, I won't be taking on anymore free commissions for a while. I do want to thank all those who contacted me for free colors, and I'm still getting back to the last few of you to set up stream times and whatnot.

For the future: I'll be coloring art for very low prices. Really, it depends on what you're wanting me to splash with the paintbrush and how detailed you want it to be. Flats will range anywhere between 7-20 dollars (crappy US dollars, mind you) for up to two characters, and anything else will really just need to be talked about. Things like shading, paint effects, multiple characters, and all that, will also need to be discussed when bringing stuff to me to color. :)

Things to remember about what I'll color :

I like to work with inked line-art, meaning the image is black and white with little-to-no shading. I can work with sketchier art, but it will take a lot longer to get looking nice and tidy.
Examples -

Have some colors in mind! I can come up with the colors on my own pretty easily, but it's important that you have colors that you want in there too! If your character is green with chocolate brown spots, tell me! Otherwise I'll color him like a candy cane cause... you know... candy cane's be yummy :3

No girls. Sorry ladies, but I'm a guys kind of guy. No boobs, tits, vaginas, cooch pooches, minges, pussies, tit tunnels; nothin. If it's non adult, or there's just a chick in the background or something, I'll think about it, but I always feel dirty stroking my brush tool over a pair of over-sized melons.

As for the m/m side of things:
-I'm not big into cub art. I'll be all for things like this
but past that, I just don't feel so great about it.
-No femmy guys, please. I don't feel I need to explain that any further.
-No scat, no diapers, none of that. If your character wears diapers, he's probably too young for me to take up coloring anyways.
-No herms. Herms have minges. Minges, as stated above, are no no, and full of cooties. Pick a single gender, then get back to me.

That's really about it! Just about everything else goes! So give me a shout, and I'll see about coloring what you'd like!

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