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There's not many projects left in the list wich i want to clear before they keep taking so long, i'll write what i have and know about them and so you know where the artists stand on this matter.

The projects are the following


Last time i heared from this project he did some rough sketches but i been trying to get him to draw those and i get the same reply all the time "School"
I want to try and get a refund if this keeps taking so much time because if will be able to work a bit every 3-6 months then will never be finished, this is getting to a point where either it gets done soon or at least some major updates are shown or im going to start asking for a refund.



Last time something was seen from her she finished the flats with some shades shown here
and i noted the changes but until now haven't heared back, she can show some big improvement on the picture but i just wish she could get back to me more quicker.



He has been working on the flats of it, very slowly but working at the end, so even its taking way longer because school, it's moving. Im going to give up on this project being for sale and just post the wips one by one, it's no worth anymore holding on it so can be sold.



You have seen his advance on the project, slow at times but shows being close to being completed, so just a matter of waiting for it to be finished



This one is also being a bit slow but i have up to 3 pages fully finished now, hopefully wont take much longer until the first 5 are fully finished, also this comic because of the amount of time taking might not be worth put for sale but i'll have to see that again.



Besides the two rough sketches of the introdction haven't seen any advance on this at all, it doesn't seem like there's any interest on it being done and the artist is both on and off so much because of the usual answer i get with most artists, school.
I hope to see this move again because i like his art though and hope not to get to the point where i must ask for a refund because of the time taken to do anything at all.



As you know i advertized this project to help him fill spots, this wasn't officially made by me since he was doing various already. I still feel i should say what happens because some people want to hear about it.
So far i talked with him he haven't done anything on any of the orgies because of work and other stuffs, but also he said he's not dropping on the projec and soon as he's able to work proper on them he will do them, hopefully not long time from now.



What can i say, this project was a big expectation and great disapointment, i wanted to do this as a way to help him to help a friend who turned out that scammed him. However because of this he stopped drawing and now basically "left" the fandom, i been able to talk to him about the matter and he said he's working in rl to gather money and give everybody a refund but asks for everybody to be patient about it.



Recently after doing it he experienced an art block and managed to do roughs of it, however last time he streamed a few days ago he seems to be able to get rid of it and did the lineart of most of it, hopefully wont be long until we see another stream and probably have it finished if he's back to his usual fast drawing self.

And that's all for now
As you can see there's only 9 projects left and from where some are moving, slowly but moving and hopefully i can get the rest solved.
All i ask is patience and remember in case you dont trust my projects anymore, it's not up to me if the artist will speed up or not, but i do try not to get an artist who fails again. Keep in mind i try to get the best artists for the projects so dont give up on me, i need you guys too or else i wont be able to survive in the fandom.
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Added: 6 years, 12 months ago
6 years, 12 months ago
in regard to gichigami, hire a Thug to get your refund or you will never see it. He has owed me a picture for YEARS! And never delivered on it.
6 years, 12 months ago
Well he owes me 4 of 6 pictures if im not mistakened, maybe more and the orgies =/
6 years, 12 months ago
Really. When I owe money to people I usually pay it, since I have sort of pride in it. :( But so many pics? There you really have to think: First the art, then the payment. Or at least: Show me something then you get something. Such a system seems to be really needed more and more.
6 years, 12 months ago
probably will have to be the best option, except with people i really trust
6 years, 12 months ago
Mmmm. or something like a trust fund. like the money is set somewhere on hold and the guy gets the money as soon the item is delivered.
6 years, 12 months ago
In regards to Sparrow, he's actually really busy with commissions and his own stuff... give him time though :3
I plan on getting something from him as soon as his commissions open back up ^^
6 years, 12 months ago
Yeah i know, i dont consider him bad at all, it's some others im more worried about
6 years, 12 months ago
Lots of projects. o.o; Must keep you busy. X3
6 years, 12 months ago
There's lots :o
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