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Long Update-Sorry in Advance

Hey all!


Felt I should write an update as I believe, though I’d have to check to be sure, that it’s been a month since my last update. I don’t quite know if people read these journals or not, I’m sure some of my watchers do, especially friends I know a little more personally, that is to say, that I’ve met in person before, but anyway, I’m digressing again, which I know I have a tendency to do.

There’s not been a lot of art from me lately, mainly I’ve been busy writing and reading. Going to try and remedy this a little, and will in part do since I have a couple of commission pieces to put together, and a very long weekend ahead of me starting, well, really now actually. Other than that, I’d like to at least in time use up all the pages of physical sketchbooks I have and the traditional media I have. I imagine ultimately I may move to more strictly digital drawing and artwork, but we’ll see. Drawing on my phone using Autodesk Sketchbook, for which I bought the pro tools expansion for that makes it a bit more of a robust drawing application, even on a phone, I can imagine working fairly well at least for a bit of handy, quick, and convenient way to put together a few drawings here and there. Or, maybe I’ll ultimately set up a separate little area in my room for drawing and artwork, complete with its own desk for that purpose. Overall, I’m still in a bit of a, well, we’ll call it a kind of tenuous relationship with drawing for the moment. There’s a part of me still that wouldn’t entirely mind letting go of doing drawing all together, but I feel lately that it’s more simply a matter of writing being a bit more important to me than drawing, and I wonder if, when I get to a point in life where I can be a full-time writer, that drawing can be more comfortably a hobby, since I’ll have in such a case even more free time for it. Right now all of the free time I allow myself to be creative is typically being reserved for writing, and I would say that’s fair since I believe that is where my future lies and what I want my career to be. Long and short of all of this, and I again apologizing for being so long-winded and going off on tangents, is that I’m not done with drawing all together, and there’s a good chance I never will be fully.

Now, regarding writing, a few things. I created a Patreon, well, let me rephrase that, I updated my already existing Patreon, to focus on writing. However, it’s been almost a month now and I haven’t posted much to it, so I recently thought it only fair that I set payments for that to only charge when I create something new and something that will be exclusive to Patreon followers. I’ll keep everyone updated on that. Right now I have myself listed as a creator of Furry Fiction exclusively, but I wonder if either I should be more general with that to include all my writings, furry and non-furry, or if I should make it simply for non-furry writings. I imagine either way I may draw the attention of watchers and followers within the furry fandom. I know I myself read both furry and non-furry, and I imagine many other readers out there are the same way. I’ll need to keep pondering over this a little more, or wait for any comments about it or advice from others.

Related to the above, the main reason I haven’t done much with my Patreon is that I’ve been writing primarily of late a few stories that I’m submitting to various anthology collections for consideration. With my new passion for writing, my love for the furry fandom, and the fact that half or more, and its probably much more, of my stories are furry, and I’m sure I’ll have many more stories come to mind that involve anthropomorphic characters, I thought it time I have a go at becoming a published furry writer and getting my name into the furry writers guild. That thought alone, becoming a member of the furry writers guild, and the excitement such an idea brings to me, is a sure sign to me that, yes indeed, I am a furry writer. Though I have a few stories that are non-furry, including the rough of a novel about a hunter of werewolves that I wrote this last November for NaNoWriMo, which in large part started, or, maybe reminded me, this drive and desire to be a full-time writer, I know that I owe a lot to the furry fandom and in a more general sense I owe a lot of my passion for reading and writing to stories I read when younger and at one point or another to stories about talking animals. If I’m remembering correctly, the last time, before this current period of serious reading, where I’m reading about probably I think five or six books at once, rotating out which book I read a little further in each night, the last time I was seriously reading almost non-stop was when I was making my way through the RedWall series by Brain Jacques. That was a little over a decade ago, and that led me more or less indirectly to discover the furry fandom. I don’t know if I’ve ever told the full story of that, not publicly, as in, through one of these journal entries, but I’ve told a few people I’ve met and a few close friends over the years. At some point I’ll do that—anyway, sorry for the tangent, suffice it to say, what, well, I guess I’m a furry? But more than that, I could say, without any embarrassment, I guess I’m a furry writer.

Looking over all this, I almost feel like I want to edit this entry, streamline it down, but I’ll leave it like it is. Take it as a maybe vague idea of what one of my rough drafts look like, since mostly I will never ever let anyone read my initial rough drafts of stories. In writing more and more frequently, I’ve learned this about myself: I already knew I was long-winded and go off on tangents when I speak, and I do pretty much exactly the same thing when I write, so I’m very very grateful that editing exists.

Anyway, after all of that, one last thing, kind of an opinion question, so please if you’ve made it this far, then, again, I’m terribly sorry for being long winded, and, on to the question, should I have separate accounts/galleries for my art compared to my writings? I think the answer I’d give at this moment in time would be no, mainly because i’ve done more writing of late, and may be mainly posting writing in the future. It seems kind of unfair to watchers who started following me initially for my art, and unfair to some of the watchers who are now following me because they like my writing. I feel maybe certain online galleries I should let me for my art, and others for my writings, but this seems a bit unfair to those out there who may like both. It’s a bit of a puzzle to me, and I’ll need to give it some thought, but if anyone has an opinion on this matter or anything else, please feel free to have a say.

At the end of the day, I like comments, even negative ones really, a bit more than simple faves, though I do appreciate those as well immensely, make no mistake. I’m guilty myself of favoriting things without leaving a comment, which I used to vow I would never ever do, but I’ve gotten lazy over time, or maybe in some respects, though I hate to say it, or it sounds somehow wrong to say it, maybe I’m following too many artists, if my goal is to mark more of each that I follow as a favorite and leave them a kind word or maybe ask them a question about how they accomplished something in a drawing or gave what I hope is a helpful critique that is constructive without it sounding in any way rude. I’ve gotten a few rude and mean comments at times over the years, though not terribly many, and I’ve either brushed them off, or learned from them. One comment I got, which I think was a bit of trolling, I was initially offended and a little angry, but it turned out giving me an idea. I haven’t quite used the idea yet, but I will. It was for a short story that I began and haven’t finished yet, but will, that I did a little drawing of as a sort of preview to the story. Someone commented that they had no intention of reading it because they did not like the characters, and in their defense I didn’t do the drawing particularly well, and maybe that’s what they meant. But it did kind of hurt my feelings a bit, till I had the thought that, you know what, maybe these characters aren’t meant to be liked, that is, maybe they are antagonists, if not from a fully objective point of view, then maybe from the point of view of other characters in the world of the story. This idea I liked quite a bit, because it made them kind of anti-heroes, and for whatever reason I have a particular fondness for anti-heroes.

I know, I know: “Daniel (or Rale, if you prefer), are you almost done? You’re kind of going off on tangents again!” And again, I apologize. At this point, I’ve pretty much said all I meant to say, and this has taken me about an hour to write, and I’m very glad I wrote it now as .rtf file in my textedit application on my computer, before copy-pasting it as a journal entry. I kind of took my reading time away, but I’m pretty awake despite the late hour, and still itching to read. Well, but if I end up going straight to bed, I have tomorrow off to take some time to read, which I’m bound to do anyway, six books all read at once won’t finish reading themselves, you know.

If you’ve made it this far, I immensely appreciate you taking your valuable time to read this whole thing, it means a lot to me.

Thanks for Watching!
~Daniel C. Aaron (aka “Rale the Otter”)
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