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The Last of the Eagles. By NomnomFox.

-any of you furs that steal this story will be sacked. anyone who attempts will be sacked. anyone who think about it will be sacked... any who, lets get started.

Prelude: -Dreams-

19. 06. 14. Tango. Romeo. Alpha. (static)

"Come on, Walker; Get out of there! Where getting bombed!!!"

23. 99.16. Zulu. Yankee. Bravo.

"John, when will i see you again?"
"In awhile sweetheart, after I blow up these dog-gone terrorists."

24. 66. 05. Quebec. Sierra. Charlie.

Motherhen1: Landing strip A-32 is clear. Charlie1 ready for takeoff? Over.
Charlie1: Copy Motherhen1 this is Charlie1 ready for takeoff. Over.
Motherhen1: This is Motherhen1, you have the sky.

98. 97. 96. Foxtrot. Echo. Delta. (static)

Mission 1 -Landing-

10:30 AM... All snouts pointed in the direction screen. The whole world was stunned bipeds and chakats alike. A news alert was streaking across the television screen on how a U.S. pilot crash landed into our planet of Tigres. As of now they don't know if the pilot survived, but some of us who specialize in humans, (like yours truly) are just waiting to get a call form the queen hirself.

1:30 PM... After hours of work, they rescued the body form the ship. They say he going to Goldclaw Hospital but I really know he's going to the lab. I just hope he's ok because some other pilots landed here and did not survived.

3:30 PM... Got a call form the professor Redstripe, shi wants me as well as the rest of our small class to head to the lab. The media tried to get into the lab as we walked in, but those doberman guards, they put up quite a fight. I don't think I have ever seen Carl rally bite someone... Oops, spoke too soon.

9:30 PM... After many tests, lectures, speeches,and other who-has, were finally able to do our last test, revive him. Supposedly, a green button on his chest would wake him up. However, in science, nothing is absolute.

(Mission 2 will come latter.)
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
please commet
7 years, 2 months ago
This looks interesting!  I would like to see where this goes... Also you make it a submission so it get more views!  I think it's just me but I sense a bit of C.o.D in this or that is just what it feels like.
7 years, 2 months ago
yea, that is one thing that inspired me. more will come, i just haddn't post it and ok. ill make it a submission. any  thing i can do to improve. I hadn't herd form Goldfur yet.
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