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I'm back from vacation! + small story

I was just recovering yesterday, that's why I didn't post a journal haha

Everything was fine, Chris and I went into a total disconnection because my roaming didn't got activated (no reason has been given to me about it) and his was rejected? //shrugs

Let me tell you how it went, we travelled to Uruguay, Araminda beach, where Chris' aunt lives.

First day, we board the ship around 9.45AM, we played some pinball on the ship, we visited the "thrift shop" (pretty sure it wasn't) and we walked all around the ship. Once we were hitting Colonia's part of the river I no longer had signal and he sill had. He could still speak with his aunt, to keep telling us how to arrive.

We arrive to Colonia at 1PM, I try to find a wifi with I get from one of the ships on shore, the two wifi's of the place had no internet connection, I guess they were exploding with the amount of people there. My boyfriend tells me that we have to do some sort of check-in, I was extremely confused by this, so we go and we get told that we should do the check-in the same day we are going.

We go to the bus terminal and we get a bus passage to Montevideo at 2PM, and the bus goes at 3PM. We already lost two hours, I'm like okay this cannot get worse. We get on the bus and it begins it's journey at 3PM. We are amazed by the service so far, this doesn't happen on Argentina. The bus had AC, extremely comfy seats and wifi. We feel like in a new world.

And I have never seen so much green while travelling inside my country, it was gorgeous.

We arrive to Montevideo's bus terminal at 6PM, it is called Tres Cruces. We get there and find out which bus we should take, one had just gone at 6PM. Next one starts at 7.20PM. Well fuck we say and we get the passage and wait while walking on Tres Cruces, which happens to have a shopping too so it was a little entretaining, it also had wifi so I could tell my mom we were alive. XD

Then my boyfriend's aunt says that she will be waiting for us at the right bus stop so we don't get lost. Okay cool, first we get the wrong bus, we go down after the confusion and we go to the right bus. We sit and we are okay with it. Then I try to get Wi-Fi because the bus has big ass letter saying "Wi-Fi on board". Guess what. It didn't.

Chris realises that the bus doesn't have wi-fi after the bus began it's journey. Fine, he still had signal we are still okay. Well, for some reason his line gets rejected and he cannot send or receive shit.

Well, we can still trust the driver, right? But something was wrong, he was supposed to have a co-pilot who knows all the stops and will notify you yours. There was no co-pilot on this bus.

At this point I begin to look at the signs of the road to get a minimal idea of where we are. A teenager decides that's it's a good idea to speak with his friends on the seats that are diagonal to us. I literally had his ass swinging in my eyes during all the journey. Even the bus driver asked him why he was standing and did nothing about it. Think that if I was going to say something I would have killed him right there because I was on the max my nerves could take.

Oh, Chris went to ask the driver where we had to go down and his reply was "I don't know, I'm new". This was the most stupid lie I had heard, if you are new you would at least have the co-pilot, wtf is this bs XD

Luckily, the passengers were so kind to gives a hand and try to explain us where we had to go down. God bless all those people. When we are about to go down, the driver goes faster. . . .


He left us in the other stop. What's the problem you would say, well, it's 10PM and it's dark af and the neighbours put the lights. Where we stop there was a sort of store, Chris goes and ask the girl attending at the time and he gets this answer "If you walk 6Km there's a public phone you can use"

We walk contrary to the bus direction as we got told by a kind soul. We were scared because we were literally on a woods kind of place, it had houses but extremely poor lighting, and then far away we see someone with a dog. It was my Chris' aunt, Teresa. We were like God sent us an angel to save us, we literally ran to her. XD

She tells us that she called the guy that let us use his phone and he tells him where we are going, kind people :heart: And she also tells us that she stopped every bus of the company, which means that if she didn't stop ours, ours had no indication that it w<as a bus of the company. She also called the company and asked for our names, when she gets replied that no one with those names bought passages she freaks out a little. We got anonimous passages. We could perfectly fill a complain or even sue the company but no we only came for peace.


After the whole travellling odisey, we had tons of fun with her. We went to the beach, then Chris' uncle came, the his cousins made space on their agendas to see him. It was really heart warming and enjoyable. We got sunburnt tho. Also Teresa had like animals and we love animals, specially 3 kittens that we saw play all over the place. ♥

The way back was easier than going and next time it won't be the same because we won't repeat such experience. XD

But that's mostly it.
We went, we had fun and a break from everything and he got to see a part of his family he thought he didn't have.

We will totally go back when we can

Thank you for reading, I hope you had a good weekend and a good start for this week.
Wolfus out~

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